"Day Off #3"
August 26th, 2000

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Nine
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    John, Ryan, and I departed for Albany around 11 or so...I can not remember exactly. We were to meet up with Renae and Glenn at a "very nice" rest stop somewhere outside the city. Well...there was an assload of traffic...so it took us forever. But the rest stop WAS very nice...so much to chose from to eat! Burger King...Sbarros...TCBY. Mmm, mmm good! This was also the place where I picked up a bunch of New York city souvineers for my sister...as well as an "I <heart> New York" shirt for myself.
    When we finally got to Glenns pimp ass living quarters...Ryan, John, and I just spent sooooooooooo much time drooling all over Glenn's cd-r collection...as well as Glenn's Pearl Jam shrine/loft...LOL. I had brought some blank audio-only CD-Rs (since Glenn had "warned" me to) but Ryan and I were like...we need to go pick up some regular computer CD-Rs so we can get double burning action going on here! So after finally peeling Ryan and Glenn away from Glenn's guitars;-) and the CD collection, we headed out to Best Buy and purchased a spindle.
    After getting some CDs burned and established...Glenn and Renae wanted to go show us around Saratoga Springs...maybe see if we could bump into the band if by some miracle they were there. We went to the venue first to scope it out...went to the back way...and Madame Butterfly was being performed...but the people were really nice who were working and they let us walk around while the performance was going on. So we got to check out what the venue was like and see where our seats were (Ryan and I were center...last row of the pavillion...but it was such a small pavillion, they were pretty sweet seats...by MY standard...which is probably low anyhow! haha!).
    After we checked out the venue, we headed into town and man...the place was hopping! Saratoga Springs is a REALLY cool place...I could dig living there! We ate at this really cool place that had excellent pizza...as well as some Schweppes Ginger Ale (which is kind of difficult to find in Michigan...we might have Verner's...but I think Schweppe's is the best out there!). Went back to Glenn's place...Renae crashed. John crashed. Ryan, Glenn, and I probably stayed up until 3. Haha we really should have gotten more sleep...but we were just too pre-occupied with Pearl Jam cds:-)



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