JUNE 29, 1998


Main Set...
Long Road, Do the Evolution, Brain of J, Hail, Hail, Go, Dissident, Even Flow, Given to Fly, Corduroy, Rearviewmirror, In Hiding, Jeremy, Daughter, Nothingman, MFC, Off He Goes, Present Tense, Alive
First Encore...
Wishlist, Better Man/Save it for Later, State of Love and Trust, Black, Last Exit
Second Encore...
Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

    I will start my last commentary on my wonderful weekend and the most exciting show for my by saying: CHICAGO MADE UP FOR MY BAD EXPERIENCE AT ALPINE!!!

    Where can I even begin?!?!?!?

    Ok...that night turned out more than perfect. I was one of the first people to be in my seat. Looked around for picks...didn't see any...asked security if there were any by them, and they were total jackasses. Buttmunchcrunches.

    So I'm sitting...and then two guys go to their seats...start talking...one turns out to be Mike Baker. Was like, "Hey!" So we talked for a little bit. He heard the sound check. They played "Baba O'Riley" and "Porch". My exact words, "You GOT to be shittin me!"

    Hehe, so I still talk and stuff. A couple sits down next to me, I start to talk to them. Turns out they were from Michigan too! Mike and Missy. We talked for a long time. Then some people behind me heard me talking about Alpine Valley and Michigan and they were like, "HEY! We're from Michigan TOO!" So I started talking to them and then some ladies about four rows behind me go, "Hey...you guys are from Michigan???" I nodded. They were like, "We are too!!!" It was so weird. Michigan Pearl Jam convention in Chicago;-) Closer to showtime, I talked to two girls that were sitting behind me. I never caught their names, but I assume one of the girl's names is Katey b/c that's what her AOL Instant Messenger name is associated with:-)

    Since I had been looking ALL weekend long for my friend Dave Miller, whom I met at the Toledo show in 1996, and I was supposed to find Ezra, I kept standing up looking around. I couldn't see anyone. The place was just too overwhelming. All of a sudden, I hear my name and see some guy waving at me. I wave back...hoping they were even waving at me! And it turned out to be Ezra...so that was hella rad. Then I sit back down, and then turn around, and see someone else wave in my direction. So I wave back...hoping they were waving at me...b/c I didn't want to look like an idiot...waving at someone who wasn't even waving at me! It turned out to be Dave, I was so happy! I found everyone I was looking for! Plus I saw Hillary and Merrick before the show too!

    So I just sat..waiting for Frank Black to hit the stage. He finally did. I tell you...he was ok to listen to...but three times was plenty seeing the big fella...

    THEN THEY HIT THE STAGE. OHMIGOD. I can not believe I was THAT CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!! Came out...strung out the chords to "Long Road"...and I just freaked out!!!!!!! I was DEAD center...I had SUCH a great view. Ahhhh! I still can't get
over it!!!! "Long Road" was beautiful...seriously...it just sounded so great..better than any version I heard before...

    I screamed...took pictures...sang...enjoyed the living fuck out of the situation! Ahhhhh!!!!

    Loving to death what the hell was going on...and "Go" ends...all of a sudden, I see Jeff throw his pick. And I remember thinking, "Aw DAMN! He totally threw it far away from me!" That instant, I felt something hit my arm. I look down...what do you expect to be sitting on my damn arm?!?!?! JEFF'S PICK!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    I was just totally gone at that point...off in lala land...Jeff Ament's pick was IN MY HAND. Then I was like, "Shit! I can't lose this!" So I shoved it in my pocket, and check on it like every five seconds to make sure it was still there! I was totally glowing.

    That night could not get any possibly BETTER at that point.

    But oh no, someone was on my side...it DID get better...

    How is that even REMOTELY possible you ask??? I don't know!!!! I don't have any answers!

    Here I am...TOTALLY enjoying the show and TOTALLY into it...Ed comes out..for "Given to Fly" I believe...with two
maracas (I dunno if I spelled that right). He shakes them for like five seconds...I swear...then he throws them up into the air...I never expected it to even come near me...but I raised my hands expecting it to magically fall into my hands like the pick did. It didn't.

    Scared ya?

    It bounced off someone's hand in the row behind me and landed RIGHT under my chair...like RIGHT by my feet! I fucking grabbed it as fast as I could! It was such a blur. I just remember reaching down. Grabbing it. Jumping up and down. Hugging it to my chest, saying, "I got Ed's maraca!!!!!!" AHHHHH!!!!!!

    I was set for that show just being amazing at that point. But like Ed breaks out "Another Brick in the Wall" for "Daughter". SUPER cool. "Nothingman" played AGAIN..."State of Love and Trust" was a total shock...was not expecting it.

    And I can't believe they played "Baba O'Riley"!!!!!!!! Ed came out with an obvious clothing change, since his buttons on his black shirt didn't match up and I could see a Bull's jersey underneath. He takes it off...we see a "Bulls 3"...and it was too cool. He explained Rodman gave it to him...and then later, he turns around...and it said "Vedder" on the back. Wicked cool! (Oh yeah, Ed's nails were painted an opal-y color). During "Baba O'Riley"...he climbed some amps, jumped off...and at the end, he threw his guitar up...and when it landed, smashed to fucking hell! Too cool! He inspected it for awhile. I think it was the guitar with the Bull's logo at the top.

    I could go on and on all day about the stuff I saw...it was just GREAT. Some other things...after "Baba O'Riley"...everyone was about to walk off, they look at Ed and he nods a "yes" indicated to continue on with another song. Then they blessed us with "Yellow Ledbetter". During "Present Tense"...Jeff disappeared and Stone sat on the side of the stage...leaning on his guitar...it was so sweet:-) Also, Ed encouraged Mike to play a solo longer...I forget what solo...but that was wicked neat. They also paid a lot attention to the fans that were behind the stage. Those guys just TOTALLY kick ass. Totally.

    I took pictures, but they didn't turn out either...here's a few...sorry they're small but I'm dumb...:-(

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