SEPTEMBER 19, 1998

Ed Pre-Show...
I Am a Patriot
Main Set...
Long Road, Act of Love, Hail, Hail, Dissident, Given to Fly, Corduroy, Wishlist, Not for You, All Those Yesterdays, Daughter/Rockin' in the Free World/W.M.A., Whipping, Immortality, Push Me Pull Me, Faithfull, Present Tense, Rearviewmirror, Black, Do the Evolution
First Encore...
I Got Shit, Better Man, Alive, Soldier of Love
Second Encore...
Yellow Ledbetter

**The pics l are scanned crappy, if you want to see them scanned well, you can come to my house and re-scan them. Tee hee.**


    That word describes the venue and the show. Perhaps even the September 19th itself.

    Matt and I found Constitution Hall fairly well as some parking. As soon as we stepped out of the car, I hear my name being called and I see Chris Doerr, Scott Kaufman, and the gang walking towards us. Talk about weird! Things like that just do not happen everyday! I was supposed to page Chris but was not able to get to a that all worked out perfect!

    We headed toward the Constitution Hall to hang out on the side...we just chilled for quite some time. We were amazed by the fact that many people were not there early hanging out and stuff...haha if only we would have thought about the fact that they were releasing more tickets on the other side of the building...doh!

    By the time the doors opened for the show, I was majorly excited---which is a normal reaction for me, but I expected a bit of sadness because this was my last Pearl Jam concert in 1998. Though I know I am very fortunate to have attended ten shows, some may argue that I should not have this feeling from "only" ten shows...but I loved the feeling of being on the road. Going to places I had never been to. Following the band around. My life has basically been like that since the end of June...even though the ten concerts were spread out...not all in a row...the best times of my summer were spent at the Pearl Jam concerts and getting to them. Getting to these Pearl Jam shows had become such a huge part of my life...and after the Constitution Hall show...that bustle I was used to...rushing to the airport...getting to the show on time...was going to become a fantasy...

    Anyhow, back to my story...

    The place attempted to be good about getting the bad stuff in...this was the first out of five shows where I brought my big green bag/purse to...and they asked for me to open up my wooden Pearl Jam purse inside my bag (did I lose you?). It was a pain in the ass, that was for sure. Right as we walked in, people were handing out flyers for the show...really cool:-)

    Of course, I hit merchandise first (merchandise is one of the three destinations for me at Pearl Jam concerts...the other two? Bathroom and seat...LOL). I was a bit disappointed that they did not have any tour related stuff out (I wanted to buy more socks)...only the poster for the show (snag that baybee!) and two shirts. One white baby-t type spiel and one grayish t-shirt. I make my purchases. I was happy:-)

    The halls of the place...were the first indication that Constitution Hall was a very classy place. I wish I would have taken some pictures inside, but I was afraid venue workers would take my film or something. Throughout the halls, volunteers (I think they were at least)...were handing out information, condoms, and pins. Got to love that free stuff! I saw Smitty out in the halls talking to some I waited until he was free, and went up to him and talked to him (many of you probably do not know about what happened to my sister when she helped Smitty out at the Brad show in's kind of a long story...and I do not have the patience to type it out right now...I want to get this re-cap DONE! Hehe). So anyhow, we discussed some stuff...and I was really surprised he remembered me...he told me to tell my sister he said "hi"...what a nice guy. Smitty is the bomb. That is all I have to say about that:-)

    I headed to my seat...right as I walked up the stairs, I heard my name, and low and behold...Luke and Hope's box seats were like right in my section! I see Quinn sitting, and since my seat was next to him, I head towards my seat. Awesome view. I was still in awe about the place. I remember thinking, "Man, I hope no one's too rowdy...that would look bad on Pearl Jam's part if their fans destroy like the world's most beautiful venue!"

    The place was pretty packed before Hovercraft came onstage...and someone came and sat in the seat next to me. Somehow we got to talking, and it turns out it was Glenn Seguin...someone I had traded with before (and was lucky like Luke and got to go to the Maui shows...). So we talked for a about a small world!

    I was really pumped to see Hovercraft. I saw them back in 1996...and had no idea what to expect...and I was just flabbergasted by their performance. They hit Detroit in summer of 1997...but I was out of town (Grrrr) I had to miss them. So I was really happy that I was going to see them again.

    Before Hovercraft came out, some girl walked out on stage, introduced herself (sorry, I can not remember her name)...said some words, and then introduced Gloria Steinem. Gloria spoke her piece...and we all listened:-) Then she introduced "Eddie Vedder"...of course, we all suspecting that Ed was going to pull out some "Patriot"...perfect time and place for that song. Nevertheless, the crowd was very excited to hear the song, as was I, since it was my first time seeing Ed perform "Patriot". He did an excellent job...just awesome! Of course, I will not deny the fact that I wished he would have also played "Throw Your Arms Around Me"...but hey...I can not always get what I want...

A very blurry pic of Ed pre-show, Patriot

    Hovercraft came on...well I'll just say after Ed's one-song-set...since I can not remember any details in-between anymore:-)

    The houselights were off...the stage remained dark...but the familiar video screen began to show some signs of life (all right!!!). The song started out slow (like all Hovercraft songs basically do...)...and remained slow for a long time. Out of the blue, they just WHALED. It was awesome! I was impressed with Hovercraft yet again...but I'm not so sure everyone else was. I cringed those couple of times I heard something like, "We want Pearl Jam". Ugh. Well I do not care if everyone in the place hated Hovercraft, I loved 'em...

    Gloria came back onstage (I may be wrong, crackmonkey girl here...) and introduced the boys...I guess she mis-pronounced Mike's name...I did not catch that...but I did catch the "Steve Gossard" introduction:-) It was quite different to see the guys come on stage in a light setting...that was a first out of the eleven shows I have seen...

    The first song they played was "Long Road", typical opener, but I am not complaining about that:-) The second song was the song that truly surprised us: "Act of Love"! I was shocked...Glenn was shocked...Quinn was shocked...I think everyone was shocked! It has been like three years since Pearl Jam has played "Act of Love"...and it is such a cool song...I was so glad they played it!

    Some other cool show "highlights" (my definition of highlights: what I can remember from the show, since I am writing this a week and a day after the has kind of ruined the vibe and the memory...) "Not For You" and "All Those Yesterdays"---all the way! At first a lot of people did not recognize "Not For You"...I did for some reason...Matt has some weird drum stuff going on in there...but I could see what they were getting at:-)

    After "All Those Yesterdays", they pulled out a little "Daughter"...since I know we are all in suspense about what they are going to play with "Daughter"...a few words: "Rocking in the Free World"!!! Talk about SUPER awesome! It was so different to hear and I was thrilled to hear it as well! They also went into "WMA" which was cool as well...I think that became a little fav of the bands towards the end of the tour...

    The next five songs were just insanely awesome..."Whipping", "Immortality", "Push Me, Pull Me"(!!!!!), "Faithfull", and "Present Tense". I was thrilled about "Whipping" and "Immortality"...but that had to go on and play "Push Me, Pull Me"! Talk about super awesome! (I see I am using 'awesome' a bit too much...well too bad I guess) Such an interesting version! It was rough, but I loved it! In-between "Push Me, Pull Me" and "Faithfull", Ed said something along the lines of, "Ok we're going to play one we know much better"...I know that is not exactly what he said...but the jist of it. "Present Tense"...such a great song live!

    The rest was pretty much typical (NOT that..that is bad or anything...just stating...)...the set ended with "Do the Evolution". When they came back out, Ed started talking about Neil Young and stuff...said a lot...and I believe it was in this time that someone shoved that Yield sign on stage. Ed wrote something on it...was about it give it back...then decided not to...since you're not supposed to steal that stuff...or something like that. Eventually they went into "I Got Shit" (if I remember correctly, Ed was trying to make some points about Voters For Choice and stuff at this time...and the place was really quiet, but then some rude butt would go ahead and shout something and ruin the whole thing...Ed would stop talking and react to whatever they shouted out and the crowd did the same. Haha I was not even talking, but I was frustrated as all hell...). Ok back to the songs...during "Alive" (at least I think it was during alive...the week and a day thing again...) Ed picked up what looked to be one of those baskets the volunteers in the hallways had...with the condoms and buttons in them. was not a was Ed's tambourine...filled with Voters For Choice condoms...he threw them all over the place...and picked one off the stage, made a sly face at the audience and shoved one into his pocket. Haha talk about BIG crowd reaction. Highlight of the encore...clearly "Soldier of Love"!!! That song is so cool to hear...and it made the "Jess Gets Two Cover Songs" run (I have seen "Leaving Here" twice, "Soldier of Love" twice, "Baba O'Riley" twice, and "Last Kiss"'s like a running thing or something). After  "Soldier of Love"...everyone but Ed looked unsure about what was going on next...they all started to leave...but Ed stopped them...and then they blessed us with "Yellow Ledbetter". Awesome show. Ed thanked us and went on his way after Mike had done his job. I realized as they all left the stage...that...this was it...the last one. The best part was...I did not feel sad...I felt more fulfilled than anything. I looked back on this year...I, as a fan, was honored with Monkeywrench Radio, Yield, Single Video Theory, Letterman, lots of interviews on tv and the press, Do the Evolution video, and 10 shows on the Yield tour. How could I feel sad about that? I felt more spoiled than anything...but sometimes feeling spoiled makes you smile;-)

**I don't know where to throw this in...since my timeline of events is really messed up...**

    Sometime when there was a break, Gloria came back out, apologized for mis-pronouncing Mike's name and calling Stone "Steve" and handed out yellow roses to each member. (Pic Twelve - Ed hugging Gloria) Jeff put his rose in the perfect place: at the end of his was so cute:-) Gloria then went on to talk about Hovercraft and Beth...and was like, "I don't want to embarrass Beth, but would you please come out?" And Ed was just like shaking his head and saying she would not come out. So Gloria did Matt (played a little beat to get the crowd going) did the audience. So eventually Beth began to walk out and Ed embraced her and they did a little was so sweet:-) Gloria then thanked Beth and gave her a rose...and then Beth went on her merry way:-)

Picture pages...picture pages...tons of fun with picture pages...something about crayons and your PEN-cils...
***some pictures are missing...when I moved this stuff...I lost some of it...and I didn't care because the scans suck...eventually, I will get these all re-scanned..including all the other pictures that are not up here now***

Pic Two - All five dudes, blue background
Pic Three - All five dudes, a bit blurry, purple and pink background
Pic Four - All five, spotlight on Stone, kinda blurry
Pic Five - Mike, Stone, and Matt
Pic Six - Mike, Jeff (check out his foot), and Ed
Pic Seven - All five, green background
Pic Eight - All five, Ed putting Yield sign down
Pic Nine - All five, yellow background
Pic Ten - Ed (with Who shirt) and Stone
Pic Eleven - Ed (throwing condoms), Stone, and Matt
Pic Twelve - Mike, Ed (hugging Gloria), Jeff, and Stone

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