August 27th, 2000
SPAC: Saratoga Springs, New York

Main Set...
Breakerfall, Whipping, Spin the Black Circle, Hail Hail, Corduroy, In My Tree, Dissident, Given to Fly,  Nothing As It Seems, Grievance, Light Years, Daughter/Beginning to See the Light/W.M.A./Androgynous Mind, Lukin, MFC, Wishlist, Better Man, Even Flow, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
First Encore...
Sleight of Hand, Do The Evolution, Once, Timeless Melody, Elderly Woman, Leatherman, Porch
Second Encore...
Soon Forget, Black, Yellow Ledbetter

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Ten
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    We all headed to the venue relatively early...since the Glennster had to wait in the Ten Club line for his fanclub tickets. I think Glenn was something like third in line...not too shabby for getting there around 11 or 12 (I think it was). I had gotten a phone call from Sarah Toronto the day before...saying that she and Carolina WERE going to be there (there was a problem with travel plans, and they didn't think they were going to be able to make it). We waited around for a long time...and we were all getting hungry...so Ryan, Glenn, and I departed to Saratoga Springs...with Glenn's nice Jeep...to get ourselves some pizza from the good pizza place I had pizza from the night before. That place was closed:-( So we went to another place...and the pizza was pretty damn good there, too! I need to live in Saratoga Springs...2/2 ain't bad for having excellent pizza!!!
    When we got back to the show...we just hung out at the box office for awhile...met Bruno Globensky (who was also going to be staying at Glenn's house) and Sarah and Carolina and their two friends arrived. They had a really bad timing of a drive...so they were a little frustrated about the whole thing:-( Erica, Jo, and Erica's dad got to the venue around the same time. Very shortly after Sarah and Carolina arrived, the fanclub ticket window finally began to hand out the tickets (this was WAY past 3)...and wow! Glenn got some phat seats. Well kind of. I mean, being dead center, 1st row and all! We were all thrilled for Glenn! He got front row center for a show so very close to his hometown! Awesome! Man, he was so pumped!!! I wish I had my video cam! :-)
    Sarah and I decided to head into the show...while many other chose to wait and see if they could get upgrades...including Ryan. Sarah and I needed to pee like racehorses...and what do you know? The Saratoga security "squad" was a bunch of asses that like strip searched everyone. Pete was standing around and he just looked so pissed by how long it was taking security to get people through the gate. The girls in front of Sarah and I were bitching because they were not going to let them in with their blankets...and Pete was overhearing them...and he looks at Sarah and I...and he was like, "Are you girls going to be sitting at this show?"...we must have looked like seasoned customers to him;-) And we were like, "Hell no!!!" and Pete turned back to the girls and was like, "See. You don't need a blanket." Haha. So we finally go in...go to the bathroom in like the world's largest bathroom...haha...and Sarah went and bought some merchandise. We went to my seats to scope them out and Sarah just stayed with me for Sonic Youth's set b/c Carolina had not come in and neither had Ryan. In-between sets we parted ways and agreed to meet up in the usual spot after the show.
    Ryan finally got in...and we were pumped about the seats b/c they really were not that shabby! (Ironic enough, Luke was in the same row, same section at this show...just over on the other side...and we did not even see him! Haha!) We had a great view of Glenn and Renae in the best seats of the house:-) We discovered that the band was more than likely pushing the RATM Testify video on the crowd...not Jones Beach as we originally thought;-)
    Much to our (Ryan and I) disappointment...we discovered after the show how similar the Columbus and Saratoga sets were. We enjoyed ourselves so much more in Saratoga though...and liked the whole show better...besides the sound. It was quiet...the venue is a neat concept (amphitheater with a balcony)...but it does not quite work...
    The main highlights of the show for me...was the encore. Sleight of Hand opening the first encore...Do the Evolution...and I got to hear Timeless Melody for the first time! I was so excited that I actually got to hear it!!!
    Porch. Oh geeze! First of all...like I mentioned in an earlier re-cap...the song is just one of the greatest live...and then we see the Edster...going into the crowd...RIGHT where Glenn is! We were just like, "Oh my goodness! That is Glenn! That is Glenn! That's our buddy Glenn!!!" :-) Glenn ended up holding onto Ed's hand the entire time he was down there...as well as helping him keep his balance...he got some great/amazing shots and they are up on his website...located here.
    Second Encore was pretty cool as well. Soon Forget...with the crowd (not me and Ryan...that's for sure!) clapping...all off with the beat...all at different times...obviously drunk clapping...and Ed fucking up pretty bad (but it wouldn't the worst fuck up I would see on Leg One...tee hee). Great version of Black...and then...the obvious...Yellow the Ledbetter...with Mike playing another Led Zeppelin song...Nobody's Fauly But Mine. Gotta love that guy!

    After the show...man...getting out of that place was a bitch! I had to climb a fence to get out of there (and I later learned I was not the only one!). I waited around and did not see ANYONE I knew! One guy noticed my purse and started talking to me, "Hey, weren't you at Jones Beach?" Hehe pretty cool that people can remember seeing me at other shows by my purse;-) So we shot the shit for awhile..and he departed with his friends...and then all of my friends came pouring in. Ryan came...with a setlist. Sarah came...with a Sonic Youth setlist. Carolina came...with a setlist. And Glenn...geeze! The guy was so incredibly out of it after the show:-) He ended up with Ed's setlist. About this time I snapped the picture you see of the people. John's the goofster at the bottom of the picture...and then it's Glenn, Ryan, Carolina, and Sarah. The picture is pretty funky since I took it in the pure dark and had NO idea who was in the picture and who wasn't since I couldn't see shit out the viewfinder:-) Ryan and I went over and said goodbye to some of the hard-hardcorers (the folks that are fortunate to like do the whole first leg...or both legs) and he said goodbye to them...and I said, "See you folks in Philly!" while Ryan scowled;-)
    I was not as sad as I thought I was going to be...but then I remembered...oh wait...I have two more shows to go to later in the week:-) I was sad I was going to be losing my travel partner until leg two though!

Ryan's setlist...from Brett. The back was written by Brett...

09.17.00 JNG

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