"Taking the Long Road"
August 23rd, 2000
Jones Beach Theater: Wantagh, New York

Ed Solo Pre-Show...
Dead Man
Main Set...
Long Road, Corduroy, Grievance, God's Dice, Animal, Faithfull, Nothing as it Seems, Wishlist, MFC, Habit, Even Flow, Daughter/Hold On, Better Man, Leatherman, Nothingman, Not For You, Rearviewmirror
Soon Forget, Present Tense, Sleight of Hand, Last Exit, Do The Evolution, State of Love and Trust, Black, Fuckin' Up

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Six
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    Ryan and I headed...breakfast free...to Jones Beach...really early. Well at least we thought so. It took awhile for us to find exactly how to get to a parking lot for the amphitheater...but when we finally did...around 9:00...we realized that we were not going to be the first in line: there were a couple of people already waiting...so Ryan dropped me off and attempted to go find some kind of breakfast. By the time Ryan got back, the line had at least doubled. Since we were unable to get to computers, Ryan and I were not aware that they posted on Synergy that they would be handing tickets out at Jones Beach at 12:00 instead of 3:00...so that is why people were coming so early (we were just going early due to mental insanity).
    I believe at 12:00, they came out and told us that they would not be handing tickets out until 1:00. We were getting antsy...so I was kind of pissed. They ended up handing the tickets out at 12:30. Now, I am not trying to be an ungrateful person...the Ten Club totally kicks ass...but I am not happy with the way they decided to hand out tickets this year. A majority of the people I know, did not/are not using their fanclub tickets in their hometown...so having to be there early to get a better ticket...creates problems in people's travel plans. My fanclub number is not the lowest, but it's not the highest either...both people in front of me had higher numbers than I did...and no one behind me had a lower number than I did. (Mine is from 1995) After getting the most kickass seats from the fanclub (mine in Chicago and my sister's in East Lansing), I will not lie and say I was disappointed in my seats for the show. I really, really, really should not have used my fanclub tickets for New York...I should have saved them for fricken Boise or something. Ten Club: regardless of my gripes, thank you. The year 2000: the year of not being up front for me...and I have learned to accept this...
    After we got the tickets...Ryan and I decided we were both pretty pooped and we were going to head back to the hotel to nap. Jeremy was supposed to meet us at the venue, so I attempted to call him on his cellphone to tell him to go to the hotel...but he didn't turn his cellphone on...so I left voicemail. Ryan and I napped...and I think we might have headed back to the venue around 4 or 4:30. When we got there, we went back to the Ten Club ticket booth window and hung out there. Heard some of soundcheck: mainly Breath!!! Found Jeremy. Found Chris. We went to Chris' car and met a bunch of other people...J.R. and his wife, Jay, Chris' brother...and just a bunch of other people! Oh yeah, and who can forget, Olivier!
    While we were sitting at Chris' car...it began to drizzle and rain and stuff. Ugh. Of course, the only day it gets rainy is the first day at a three day run at a venue with no covering over the seating. After the gates had open, Jeremy went in...and I called him and asked him if they had posters...he said they did, so I told him to pick me up four (one for me, one for Ryan and one each for Sarah and Carolina). I hung up the phone and I was like, "Dudes...they got posters!" So Ryan went to the car to get the Pokemon poster tube and Chris gave me money to get two posters for him and Chris Gratz.
    I got into the venue...and I discovered, there was no way I could get those posters threw the fence to hand to Ryan to put in the car. So I went ahead, and got my ass in line. I got my posters from Jeremy and Jeremy was like, "I'm going to go to my seat so I can go see Sonic Youth's set." I was like, whatever man. I am waiting in this huge mass of people...seeing if there looks like posters are still left...so then I hear screaming...and I look up at the TV monitors and see Ed...I think everyone around me thought it was some kind of tape...but I was like, "Holy shit! It's a pre-show!" So that is when I began shouting, "Fuck the posters! Fuck the posters!" and I ran to my seat! Just in the nick of time to catch Ed perform Dead Man!!! I looked around and I could not see any of my friends or recall seeing any "hard corers." So I run to my seat and there is a young couple in my row, two seats over, so I like hand them my posters and ask them to hold them so I can snap some pictures. I snapped a couple of pictures (and they turned out poopy)...and thanked them for helping me out...and we all became mesmerized by the Edster. I took a moment as he ended the song about how lucky I was to just catch that...so I called Chris in the parking lot and told him what he missed (Chris refused...at any of the shows...to watch Sonic Youth). Then, I believe, I took off to go buy the posters...and I grabbed the last three that they had at one of the merchandise stands. I did notsee Ryan anywhere...so I felt bad because he was out there waiting for me.
    I went back to my seat...and the couple I handed my posters to...the girl asks me, "Hey, are you PurlJamJes?!?" And I was like, "Yeah..." And she's like, "I'm Debbie and this is Rich!" I was like, "No way!!!" Rich and I used to talk ALL the time about four years ago! INSANE! We had never met and what do you know...four years down the line we sit two seats away from each other in fricken New York!!! Pearl Jam has really shown me the meaning of "small world."
    Ryan finally found  his way to his seat. Sat and watched Sonic Youth...in-between the sets...I went and talked to Rich and Debbie again...and I was sitting in the wrong seat...so I apologized to the owner of the seat...and then we began talking...so I handed him my business card as well as a Pass It Around business card. I went back to my seat and then began talking to the guy on the other side of me whom Ryan was talking to...turns out they were from Toronto and I was supposed to meet up with the guy next to me in East Troy/Chicago in 1998. Insane! SMALL WORLD!!!
    I think this might have been the first of the shows we went to that they played the Testify...by Rage Against the Machine...video in-between the sets. We figured it was the venues doing...but we were proven wrong later when they showed in Saratoga. Anyhow...Chris made his way into the venue...after an altercation with park "cops"...haha!
    Chris...is a curse. Before the tour...we were talking about Long Road as an opener...and how many times he has had it  (which was way more than I have)...so what does the band come out with...none other than Long Road! Haha I started LAUGHING at Chris and he just flipped me off (oh, by the way, he was like in the same seats as us, two rows ahead of us). Corduroy came next...seems like it's an early set favorite now...
    Good Binaural shit came next...Grievance...God's Dice...into Animal. The highlight of the main set...for me...was the man trilogy. I have never gotten it (at least that I remember...haha!) and I have always been sooooooo close...or they space the three out. So I had to come to New York for that...haha no bitching from me!!! The main set...otherwise...was pretty uneventful.
    The encore was a confusing one for myself...only one?!? We were all like...after Fuckin' Up...wonder what they have up their sleeves next...oh wait...what? Shows over?!? Weird!
    Soon Forget was great...and Fuckin' Up was most excellent also! But otherwise...the show was not extra special and pretty uneventful.
    No one was upset though...we had two more nights to go! :-)

More shitty pics from the night:

09.14.00 JNG

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