"I Can't See A Thing"
August 24th, 2000
Jones Beach Theater: Wantagh, New York

Main Set...
Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Corduroy, Grievance, Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Dissident, Rival, Given To Fly, Nothing As It Seems, Light Years, Even Flow, Daughter/It's Okay, Lukin, Insignificance, Romanza, Better Man, Porch
First Encore...
Spin The Black Circle, Hail Hail, I Got Shit, Elderly Woman, Crazy Mary, Black, Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Last Kiss, Yellow Ledbetter

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Seven
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    Since we had waited so early in the morning the 1st  night, we waited awhile to head to the venue. We went to Tower Records in town...ate Pizza Slut for lunch...and came back to our hotel...where...I met, for the first time, my internet pal of like five years, Erica!!! That was way cool! Erica is way cool! Who ever would have thought Erica and I would meet in Long Island, New York?!? So Erica chilled with Jeremy, Ryan, and I...and we all headed to the show together with Erica's step-mom, Jo carting us around in her car:-)
    We headed to our favorite spot, the ticket booth...Ryan wanted to see if he could upgrade our seats...since I believe...they were like in section 27...pure poop;-) Erica wanted to upgrade her's too...since she was up in the nosebleeds with us! There was quite the buzz about the place...wondering what the band was going to pull out of their sleeves since the show was going to be broadcast on Korporate K-Rock. Somehow this day...we met up with Glenn, John, Chris, and his fiancé, Sue.
    Erica and I headed into the venue together...and I helped her make her purchases...I even was her spokeswoman...telling the guy exactly what Erica wanted...since I am so good at the Pearl Jam merchandise purchases after all;-) This purchase...even though it was for my friend...convinced me to buy the socks...caved in finally. I knew I would. So I spent 20 bucks on a pair of white and black socks. I may bitch about the price, but they sure are fothermucking good!
    Ryan also got us some sweet upgrades. They were "obstructed view." Boy, were they obstructed. Man, I almost cried because I could not see a thing;-) Haha click on this link to get a picture of our "obstruction"...the soundboard tent.
    When we finally headed into the show...Ryan and I just about fell over from how kickass our seats were. Ryan decided he would try again for the last night to upgrade to our obstructed view seats. Hehe:-) Friends kept coming and checking out how cool our seats were and stuff:-)
    Ok...so the band came out...played Of The Girl as the opener...into Breakerfall. Corduroy fell early in the set again. I think of the highlights of this show...Rival was definitely one of them! The ULTIMATE part of this show...if you ask me...or if you ask Ryan or John or Glenn...they will all say Daughter.
    Yeah, Daughter.
    The Daughter tag, It's Okay...was AMAZING. Definitely the best Daughter tag I have ever heard...besides the fact the crowd sang along so well! I seriously think...if you were not at this show...make sure you get a good copy of it or buy the official bootleg release or something...it is worth it for Daughter. Yeah, Daughter...the song most of us dread to hear since we hear it all the time! ;-) The tag definitely renews faith in the song (not that I had lost faith in it...). They ended the set with a good closer...Porch. Woo hoo! I do not think I could ever get sick of that song live.
    First encore came out hard...Spin the Black Circle! The encore was pretty uneventful...except for Crazy Mary...oh wait...there's Ryan freaking out again;-)

    Second encore...hello Columbus! Not only did Ed play Elderly Woman like he promised Columbus he would NOT do in New York...they played the same crowd pleasing second encore...more than likely to please the radio listeners :-P At least Mike's Spice of the Ledbetter...Jumping Jack Flash and Substitute...pleased us...and made us realize...there was only one more night at Jones Beach...and was it going to be MSG II re-played? Breath? We would have to wait and see to find out...

09.15.00 JNG

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