Main Set...
Long Road, Corduroy, Brain of J, Given to Fly, Animal, Red Mosquito, Jeremy, Whipping, Wishlist, Lukin, Even Flow, Habit, MFC, Present Tense, Daughter, Better Man, Alive
First Encore...
Go, Rearviewmirror, Do the Evolution, Hard to Imagine, Black, Last Kiss
Second Encore...
Leaving Here

    The Knoxville show: the perfect show to end my three show weekend. Totally.

    On our way to the show, Brice, Quinn, and I stopped off at an Arby's. While Quinn and Brice ate, we discussed the upcoming show. I told them, "I have a feeling that tonight is going to be something special. I just know it. I had this same feeling before the Auburn Hills show...that Ed was going to come out and do something with Cheap Trick...and he did. Tonight is going to be special." Quinn said, "They're going to play Last Kiss tonight." Lalala. Conversation. Did not think too much about it until later that night.

    Before the show, my buddy, Matt Corbett found it was really cool to finally meet him...after talking to him on the computer for sooooo long! We make our way into the arena, I make my Knoxville poster purchase (e-hehe)...then we make it to our seats. I sat with Matt and his two friends and Quinn and Brice sat two sections over. Welpers...the four of us had the second to last row in the lower bowl. Not bad but not excellent, but I didn't care...I don't care where I sit for Pearl Jam concerts, just as long as I am there. Sure, second and third row are nice, but just anywhere in the arena is perfect for me.

    Pearl Jam comes out on stage. I hear the first chords to "Long Road"...yay! "Long Road" is such a beautiful opener. Even though "Long Road" is a very common opener, it is one of my favorite openers and such a beautiful song. Very powerful.


    "Red Mosquito" all the way! Totally cool!
    "Whipping" and "Lukin"...throw some kick ass fast ones for us:-)
    As well as a little "Habit"
    My mystery was solved at this show...the disappearance of "MFC" was not played at Birmingham or I had a hunch that it would be played at Knoxville..and I was so right:-)
    "Present Tense"! Crowd's reaction was more like 'eh' to this song...but I was thrilled. I loved seeing this song played at Chicago, and I was just as happy to see it in Knoxville:-)

    Before I get to my favorite-est parts of this show...I'll bring some enlightenment to this re-cap with some words of Ed...

    Mr. Ed decided September 6th was 'pick on Knoxville night'. Hehe:-) Claiming he was bored the previous day since there was absolutely nothing to do in Knoxville, he had nothing better to do buy masturbate in his hotel room. I'm just going to say Eddie was a little pervert at this show...LOL as if we needed any more excitement! ;-) Not soon after his little masturbation speech, he responds to what someone is mouthing/saying to him. I assume someone in the first few rows was asking for a pic...Ed says...something along the lines of 'You want my pic? You want my dick? Or you want my drink?'...I think Ed was missing Beth...LOL:-) Ok back onto the subject of why this show kicked major ass...

    HARD TO IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There was nothing I wanted more at this show than "Hard to Imagine". When Ed said that maybe only 2 or 10 or 20 people even have heard this next song...I totally freaked out. I knew it was going to be "Hard to Imagine". Of course many poopies sat down...phooey on all of you that sat down. By the end of "Hard to Imagine", I could not control myself...I had to scream (Matt was recording the show, and I didn't want to ruin his recording)...I was thrilled...happier than all hell about "Hard to Imagine".

    "Last Kiss"...oh my gosh...TOTALLY awesome! When Ed introduced the song, I mouth dropped open...I was like, "OH MY GOD, QUINN PREDICTED THIS!!!!" Too weird. That just does not happen! "Last Kiss"...wonderfully beautiful sad song...awesome...

    After they left the stage and came back for the last song, Ed said, "Women kick ass in this place"...and it was an obvious "Leaving Here"! "Leaving Here"...was favorite part of the Knoxville version...Jeff's bass solo! There was nothing more cooler than that...well maybe...but it was so awesome! We need some more bass solos Jeff! :-)

    At the end of the show...I was glowing...perfect show to end a Pearl Jam weekend. Someone was listening to the conversation Brice, Quinn, and I were having at Arby's...and to whoever was listening: thank you:-)

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