"Foiled Again"
August 20th, 2000
River Bend Music Center: Cincinnati, Ohio

Main Set...
Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Corduroy, Go, God's Dice, Even Flow, Faithfull, Nothing As It Seems, Grievance, Untitled, MFC, Habit, Wishlist, Better Man, Rival, Sleight of Hand, Insignificance, Porch
First Encore...
The Kids Are Alright [Ed solo], Given To Fly, Do The Evolution, Jeremy, Once, Black, Soldier of Love, Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Three
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    Before we departed from Erin's house in the Dayton area, we had to help her friend, Nicole, move into her dorm room at the University of Dayton. Oh my gosh! The University of Dayton was awesome! One of the most gorgeous college campuses I have seen...and the dorm rooms...pure luxury! I guess that is what comes with the price tag!!! After we helped out Nicole, we grabbed a bite to eat at Fazzoli's...a place that does not exist in the Metro Detroit area...but I had eaten there like when I was in 6th grade in Indianapolis. I am tempted to open my own Fazoli's...next to my house...cheap pizza that tastes good...it doesn't get any better than that!!! We headed to the concert pretty early so Erin could pick up her fan club tickets. Thanks to Erin for allowing me to use one of her tickets!!!
    The Ten Club ticket line was pretty long...and the booth opened late...again. But that's ok:-) The weather was super hot...so after we got our tickets, Ryan chilled by the box office (since he still had needed tickets) and Erin and I headed back to my car...where we ate some really kick ass watermelon and drank lots of water! We headed back to walk around and bumped into Sarah and Carolina! Sarah and Carolina, after awhile, decided to see if they could go track down the band. They asked if we wanted to come...but I figured I needed to go find Ryan and find out his ticket status. I won't get into what happened when Sarah and Carolina went off...but you can see the results at Sarah's webpage...
    For some reason, it seemed like we were waiting outside for sooooooooooo long at Cincy. I was getting anxious to get in...because Erin told me that this was the ugliest place in Cincinnati...mainly due to the statues on top of the amphitheater. (LOL I don't think the place is ugly...just cheesy...) Erin and I headed into the venue...leaving Ryan to see if he could upgrade his ticket or whatever...Erin and I went to our seats and they were very nice...I think Erin was pleased! I think she was just happy to be there regardless...it was her first Pearl Jam show. Since it was Erin's first Pearl Jam show, Ryan had ruin the virgin silence luck by asking Erin what song she really wanted to hear....she said "Red Mosquito." Well, thanks to Ryan, we didn't hear that until New York;-)
    Erin and I putzed around our seats and I tried to get in touch with Jeremy...after a long overdrawn out drama (and bumping into Skadrums again), I found Jeremy...as well as Ryan (who ended up finding some 15th row in the 1st center section...nice seat!). I made it back down to my seat...and because of Jeremy's sense of direction, I had to keep poor Erin waiting...I was gone for at least 45 minutes. I felt really bad! I attempted to nap during Sonic Youth's set because I was just not feeling up to par...I think the 4:30 in the morning thing after Indianapolis was catching up with me.
    The crowd seemed pretty rowdy by the time Pearl Jam was about to hit the stage...but I guess it always seems like that at shows where beer is served. I think that night, I really thought it was in our destiny to get Long Road. But no, we didn't: Of the Girl! Nice opener! It might be a common Binaural opener, but I think it is a nice change from the normal Long Road! Of the Girl right into Breakerfall, into Corduroy. Go! By this time, I think I was noticing my girly duties: what the band was wearing. Ed has been boring this tour...wearing the same shirts and pants over and over. Mike is, I think, the best dresser out of the group. Matt was pretty much hard for me to see since Ed is such a show stealer and always stands in front of him;-) Jeff has not changed his style much for the past couple of years...but then we have Stone. That man never ceases to amaze me with his good humored bad taste! (no offense!) In Cincy, he was wearing plaid golfer like pants! They were like cream with green and maroon through them (at least that is what they looked like from Mike's side of the stage)!
    I was REALLY thrilled to hear Faithfull...such an incredible song! Indianapolis was not really "Binaural dry"...but Cincy was really really Binaural heavy...in the main set alone, they played Of The Girl, Breakerfall, God's Dice, Nothing As It Seems, Grievance, Rival, Sleight of Hand, and Insignificance. Rival and Sleight of Hand were most excellent to hear! I was afraid Sleight of Hand would not be played lived very often...but they have been really good about throwing it in here and there.
    Michael's "new" tattoos surfaced this night for a lot of us...since he stripped down to his new trademark: wife beater. Kickin' ass during Even Flow...proving he might be a changed man, but he's still "fuckin' McCready" ;-)
    Other non-Binaural highlights of the main set included Untitled before MFC...and of course Porch as the evening's closer. I am so glad the band is playing more and more Porch live now...back in '98...remember how much all of us just wanted to hear Porch JUST ONCE?!?
    I think it was some point during the main set that Ed mentioned the band had been to the same venue before...with Soundgarden...obviously Lollapalooza...since that was the last time the band was even in Cincy. The guy next to me was insistent upon screaming, "98!" over and over again. Man...we all missed a good show in 98 then! Pearl Jam played in Cincy with Soundgarden! :-P
    Encore...when Ed came out alone my heart kind of dropped..."Please Ed...don't make this an every night thing...and as much as I love Throw Your Arms Around Me...two nights in a row? Come on!" But I am a moron and Ed threw us a curve ball with a solo rendition of The Kids Are Alright. Alright!
    I think one of the greatest things about Soldier of Love is that the majority of non-hardcore fans think it's Last Kiss...and when it starts up...they're like, "What the fuck! He's messing up Last Kiss!" :-)
    The second encore, Ed came out solo again...but with his ukelele...asking the crowd to keep quiet because he has a difficult time with the song. I was amazed by how respectful the crowd was! They didn't clap, woo hoo! The show closer...my first Ledbetter of the year...but I tell you...Michael has sparked so much more interest into that song for me...and probably everyone else as well. He threw a nice Stranglehold in there at the end...Stone and Ed were CRACKING up! It was priceless! Fuckin' McCready!

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