"Day Off #2"
August 22nd, 2000

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Five
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    Ryan and I departed from Columbus around 9:00. I think he drove first...and while he did this chunk of driving...I painted my nails in the car. I am so talented! And you know what? I still have not taken off the nailpolish from this day...and today is September 14th...hehe I am so lazy!
    I do not remember too much about this day besides the fact that we were in the car for a long ass time and we had to drive across the entire state of Pennsylvania. After awhile, I took over driving...and then I had to give up after three or so hours because I was ready to conk out at the wheel...so Ryan yet again took over the driving and I napped. Ryan got screwed into driving a whole bunch! He got to experience NYC driving.
    We got to the Lincoln Tunnel around 7:00...and we were taken with the city and were all like, "rad, we're almost there!" Haha we got caught up in traffic...and AAA routed us poorly (aka: through the city)...and the rest of this story has disappeared because of some fuck up...I will write the rest in a couple of years when I am bored...hahahahah!



09.17.00 JNG