"Is My Band Ready to Kick It?"
August 25th, 2000
Jones Beach Theater: Wantagh, New York

Main Set...
Sometimes, Grievance, Corduroy, Whipping, Do The Evolution, Animal, Evacuation, Red Mosquito, In Hiding, Even Flow, Mankind, Untitled, MFC, Rearviewmirror, Present Tense, Given To Fly, Thin Air, Off He Goes, Black, Jeremy, Immortality
First Encore...
Go, Insignificance, In My Tree, Elderly Woman, Better Man/Save It For Later, Smile, Baba O'Riley
Second Encore...
Yellow Ledbetter

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Eight
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    The 25th. Last night at Jones Beach. We were all excited. Numerous reasons. First off, it would be the last night we would have to spend in our stinkin' hotel room on Long Island. Second, we were heading over to another part of the country we had never been before: Albany/Saratoga. Many, many other reasons...mainly because that pain in the ass Doerr wasn't going to be there because he had a bachelor party to throw or some lame excuse like that! ;-)
    We got there around lunchtime I believe...we had gained a boarder after the second show, John...Ryan and Glenn's friend from L.A. Poor guy had to sleep on the floor in the hotel room! Ryan was determined to play the upgrade game again and get us the "same seats we had the night before." Much to our disappointment, when we got to the box office, we were informed our seats were already sold. Man! The heat was REALLY getting to me...as was the sun...so I separated myself from everyone and their adventures and sat by the box office in the shade and refused to move. I cooled off and talked to a couple of people and the guys (Glenn, John, Jeremy, and Ryan) would continue to come back to the box office to check on ticket statuses.
    Finally, Ryan scored us some more "obstructed view" seats...the row DIRECTLY behind the row we were in the night before. Hell yez! So we sold our pretty decent tickets to some guy for face...John thought he was going to have to fly back to L.A. after the show...due to work...so Glenn, Renae (Glenn's girlfriend), Ryan and John left Jeremy and I to go find ourselves some lunch. What a task that was. The area around Jones Beach...finding a fast food place...even a Pizza Hut...was a task. When we got back to the venue, we took the leftover pizza to the box office and I went back to my car where I sat in the trunk and waited for the four others to get back. When they all came back, we headed back to the box office where like the entire world was. Erica. Jo. Mike Dziama. Luke. You name it, everyone was waiting around. It was a nice feeling:-)
    Ryan and I decided to head into the venue...and when we got inside...we started talking to two familiar faces we had seen around the past couple of nights...and we were having a good old time chatting it up. Turns out the guy was Adam Frucci and the gal was none other than Alessiana...whom I used to talk to back in the day in Porch (AOL "secret" Pearl Jam chat room around 1995-1997...all the "cool" people were there...LOL). We were in the middle of talking...and it sounded like Ed had hit the stage and was going to do another pre-show...so LOL...Adam, Aless, Ryan, and I RAN like mofos to our seats. It was hilarious! Especially since it was just Thurston from Sonic Youth talking. Haha. Adam came and found Ryan and I since he had one of the "standing room only seats" and he dug the view..at least I think he dug the view:-) So he stayed with Ryan and I the whole show...sehr awesome!
    Then the show began. Special? Was that night going to be special? All Pearl Jam shows are special...and unique...in my eyes...but would this show be super eventful? You know, that ONE show everyone wishes they were at? Well...I don't think the 3rd night at Jones Beach is remembered as that. I don't think it is viewed as a disappointment...just a "typical show"...probably all due to STONE.
    The band came out with Sometimes...which I have not heard as an opener since 1996...when I saw them in Toledo...at the "stinky" show as most people I have met have referred to it as;-) Again...going pretty hard at the beginning of the set...of course after Sometimes ended;-) Grievance, Corduroy (early again), Whipping, Do the Evolution, Animal, Evacuation, and Red Mosquito. Everyone was REALLY pumped about In Hiding...I know Ryan and I sure were!
    Stone came out...for Mankind...and said, "Is my band ready to kick it?" Haha it sure became a catch phrase for everyone after that show! I know one thing...Stone would have been booed off stage if he attempted to play Mankind after Ed said that Stone was too much of a chickenshit to play Breath. Haha boy...when Ed said that did the "boos" fly! Stone...you little chickenbutt.
    Even though we did not get Breath...we got some good songs man! Present Tense...Thin Air!!! Off He Goes...Immortality. The first encore we got In My Tree...Smile...AND Baba O'Riley. And of course...the typical second encore/show closer...Yellow Ledbetter. I honestly WAS surprised they played it two nights in a row. As much as I can pretend I know how the band's setlist thought process goes...they have baffled me a-many a time...and until I am in Pearl Jam...I really shouldn't comment on two night repeats;-) Anyhow...so I bet you are wondering what McCready threw in: Led Zepplin's Over The Hills And Far Away. Fuckin' McCready.
    We all said our good byes to Jones Beach...and headed back to the hotel for sleepy sleep!

09.17.00 JNG

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