September 1, 2000
Entertainment Center: Camden, New Jersey

Main Set...
Sometimes, Last Exit, Animal, Red Mosquito, Grievance, Light Years, Dissident, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Wishlist, Better Man/Save It For Later, Present Tense, Corduroy, Spin The Black Circle, Daughter/Androgynous Mind/Hold On, Black, Insignificance, Go
First Encore...
Breath, Tremor Christ, Once, Elderly Woman, Jeremy, Whipping, Do The Evolution, Crazy Mary, Porch
Second Encore...
Yellow Ledbetter

    I flew into Philadelphia the day of the show...and Chris was to pick my ass up from the airport. My flight was on time...much to his surprise. I spent most of the flight updating myself on what songs I had actually seen on the tour so far and what I had not seen and so on and so on. Chris said we were going to head back to his house...grab some lunch (pizza! man, my friends sure know how to take care of me!) and eat at his house...pick up some beer...and go to the venue. On the way to Chris' neighborhood, Mr. Popular (ahah)'s phone rang...it was Rich and Dolin...who were at the venue already...wondering when Chris was going to make it...and they were saving him a spot in the fanclub line. Chris and I had a discussion about how nice that was of them:-)
    Chris informed me that not only was Luke going to be staying at the house as originally planned...there was going to be a big old party at his house;-) i think there were like 10 people who spent the night at Chris' PHAT pad after the 1st show. I got "dibs" on the bedroom though:-) I also had the advantage of meeting Chris' two dogs...Vedder and Mark first. Also one of three of Chris and Sue's cats...Magoo...I never met or saw the other two.
    Anyhow...it took us forever to get to the venue due to traffic...so by the time we got there...the fan club window was open for awhile...(props to Chris for allowing me to buy his extra fan club ticket off of him!)
    We met up with everyone and Chris discussed directions to his house and all that good jazz. While Chris waited in the parking lot...you know...the anti-Sonic Youth thing...I walked to the venue with Rich and went in soon after gates opened. I noticed they added more stickers to replace sold out stickers at the merchandise booths...so I went and purchased some stickers...and saw Aless (I totally forgot she was going to be there!) and called her over and talked for a tiny bit.
    I was really...uh...decked out for the show. For pure embarrassment of Christoph;-) I wore my orange polka dot pants...10 Club orange ringer t...and my orange and yellow hat...you really could not miss me. I even got stopped by a worker of the venue...he complimented me on my ensamble...which I thought was hilarious...because usually...my "ensembles" as I was all decked out that night in...are pure jokes...
    So I was alone for Sonic Youth's set...and I played snake on my cell phone...then I fell dead asleep. I was really pooped...and when I finally woke...I was like, "Mmmmm...I need some chocolate." Do you think they would have chocolate? Hell no, so I bought a fudgesicle...and mowed down on my Sour Patch Kids (that I actually got some shit for bringing into the show by security...they were going to make me throw them away...and then they realized how lame that was.). I would later regret the fudgesicle...because it got SO hot down there...and I was burping up that chocolate bullshit during the show. It was sick...I knew you needed to know that;-)
    So Chris finally comes...and what does he come with? Two HUGE pretzels...and he made me eat one...even made me cry because he was shoving it down my throat because I was so not hungry! ;-)
    But this time...I think everyone was breaking into a sweat...and the concert had not even started! It was sooooo hot due to the fact that the pavilion was enclosed on three sides...so you got no cross-ventalation...it REALLY sucked!!!
    The band came out with a nice Sometimes...which Chris had discussed about wanting to hear as an opener...so that was nice for Chris...especially since it was not Long Road;-) We got Red Mosquito really early in the set...probably due to the fact it was SO hot!!!
    Of course, this show is infamous for...BREATH!
    I still can NOT believe they played it! Chris' friend was the one who had the signs printed up...he was passing them out before the show...and I took two (one for me, and one for Ryan...he needed a souvenir since I felt GUILTY seeing a show knowing he was at home NOT seeing a show!)...of course, we waited until encore to hold them up...and HELL yeah...we got it! It was actually really funny because I sat down because I was so hot...and everyone screamed...so I thought the band was back out and Chris smacked my arms down when I held up the sign...he's like..."Jess, they aren't even out yet." haha I felt like a dork! Ed said they were going to fuck it up...but I don't think they fucked it up too bad! I didn't care if Ed didn't sing at all...it was still refreshing to hear!!!
    Crazy Mary again! Porch! Ah! And then...of course...Ledbetter...with Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train and Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast. It was hilarious! Chris later asked Mike about the Ozzy...and he said something to the effect of that since he saw so many tits (the girls in Camden are a little rambunctious) he felt like he was at a cheesy 80s rock show;-) Gotta love Michael! Stone...the nerd he is...even pointed out one of the flashers after Ed had made fun of Stone saying that there was going to be a party in Stone's room and everyone was invited...Stone pointed out a girl and said something like...only if she comes. Haha. Nerd. Ya got a girlfriend ya jerky! ;-)
    I was really happy when this show ended because I was about to pass out from being so hot! I was also looking forward to night two...due to the fact it would be my 20th Pearl Jam show! Too bad I didn't get to sleep until really late...it's not every year you get to chill and stay up late talking to Pearl Jam freaks from all over the country! :-) 

09.17.00 JNG

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