"My First Ohio Memory is Barfing"
August 21st, 2000
Polaris Amphitheater: Columbus, Ohio

Main Set...
Breakerfall, Whipping, Spin The Black Circle, Hail, Hail, Corduroy, In My Tree, Dissident, Given To Fly, Nothing As It Seems, Grievance, Light Years, Daughter/Hold On/Androgynous Mind, Lukin, Wishlist, Off He Goes, Romanza, Better Man, State of Love and Trust, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
First Encore...
Present Tense, Last Exit, Once, Elderly Woman, Leatherman, Nothingman, Porch
Second Encore...
Last Kiss, Yellow Ledbetter

10 Day Trip Journal: Day Four
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**this re-cap will more than likely be lame figuring this is the 2nd time I had to write this**

    Ryan and I woke at a decent time at Erin's house...chilled for a couple of hours...figuring Columbus was about an hour and a half from Erin's house...not a bad drive at all! We decided to book a hotel...and I found us a decent priced hotel...located what appeared to be very close to the venue. While Ryan showered, Erin and I split and got some ice for the cooler and got my car washed (that was an experience in itself!). We had Macaroni and Cheese for lunch...and said our good-byes to Erin's parents.
    The drive was not too bad...and the hotel was worth the short drive:-) They had hot cookies waiting for us at the counter! Mmm, mmm, good! I had two! I was disappointed to not have cookies waiting for me at our hotel in New York...haha...
    We chilled at the hotel for not too long and decided to depart for the venue...where we got caught up in parking lot traffic. It was insane. No moving at all. That's ok, it all worked out well. We parked the car...finally...and like who are the first people we see? None other than "Canada!" as Ryan shouted to them to get their attention:-) Sarah and Carolina!
    Before the show, we sat on the ground and chilled...right in everyone's way. I really love doing that! :-) When we went in...we were attempting to do something...I don't remember...watch the guys play ping pong...? I don't remember...I swear! But the security was all like, "Your seats are up there, you can't come here...this is a sold out show...blah...blah...blah..." We were like...damn...every show is "sold out," get a life! This was the only show that I did not really care about getting to my seat to watch Sonic Youth...I was more busy in un-vegetarianizing myself by eating a McDonald's hamburger. Kidding. But the place should not have been called Polaris...but McDonaldland...talk about barfland.
    Walked on the lawn for a bit with Sarah...then went to our seats...agreed to meet after the show. Our seats were not that great. I think they may have been the furthest back (even further than Saratoga Springs) we had on the tour. Oh well. This was before Ryan became obsessed with the upgrade game.
    In-between Sonic Youth's set and PJ's set...Mike Dziama came and found me. Haha he looked so pumped about the show! :-)
    As soon as show time became closer and closer...I knew something was up. Something was up? Yeah...with the crowd! They fucking sucked! Sorry! At least section H blew chunks! No one was yelling...no one was excited...even when they came out and opened with BREAKERFALL! And this was a pretty intense beginning set...Breakerfall, Whipping, Spin the Black Circle, Hail, Hail, and Corduroy.
    The next song...I was pumped about, as was Ryan...In My Tree!!! Other than that, the greatness of the set was ruined by me due to the people around us. I believe the people to Ryan's side were sitting down...the people behind us were quiet as mice...the group in front of us were the best. They smoked pot like the entire time...drank a lot of beers. It got to one guy really bad...and he had to sit for more than half the show. At one point, he barfed...luckily I didn't see this and Ryan was cool and didn't tell me...I hate hearing about/seeing barf. ANYHOW...
    Once the first encore hit...I was praising the fact that Ed did not come out solo...because I felt the crowd did NOT deserve a good encore. Problem is...they got a decent encore...PRESENT TENSE! PORCH! The best part was when Ed talked about New York and said they would NOT be playing Elderly Woman there. I could see through Ed's bullshit...I knew they'd play it...and I was like, "Fuck you Ohio!" Haha why am I so bitter about Ohio? Hell, I've seen three PJ shows IN Ohio...my very first was IN Ohio...I just do not like Ohio much (although, I must say, Erin's area of Ohio was not too bad!)
    The second encore was pure crowd pleaser...Last Kiss and Yellow Ledbetter. Ledbetter...thanks to Mike...kicked ass once again with some Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave and Van Halen's Unchained mixed into the ending of the song. Gotta love that guy!
    So Ryan and I thought the show was disappointing...solely due to the fact the crowd/section H sucked. It was a great set though. We saw Skadrums as we were leaving...shouted our good-byes...found Sarah and Carolina...and bid farewell until Saratoga. We headed back to the hotel for a decent night's sleep...because we had a huge drive ahead of us the following day...

09.15.00 JNG

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