SEPTEMBER 22, 1996

Main Set...
Sometimes, Hail, Hail, Animal, In My Tree, Spin the Black Circle, Corduroy, Last Exit, Better Man, Lukin, Not for You, Jeremy, Even Flow, Mankind, Daughter, Habit, I Got Shit, Alive, Blood
First Encore...
Go, Who You Are, Rearviewmirror, Leaving Here
Second Encore...

    I know this isn't the great "review"'s more like a story...and just reading it makes me want to re-live the Toledo experience over again. (LOL and find that guy who videotaped the show...and show him how a REAL video is done...) I could make this review MUCH better...BUT...the whole thing about this "review" is that I wrote it AS SOON as I got home from Toledo. Like 3 o'clock in the morning. Makes it special:-)


    Wow! That sums up this concert! Wow! They sold t-shirts outside way before the doors even opened, and they seemed to   have tons of stuff. (People were looking at me weird cause between my sister and I we bought five t-shirts, one thermal, six  sticker sheets, two iron-ons, and a hat.) Before the show, I met this guy Dave. He's a really cool guy by the way. Anyhow, we  hung out for the whole time I was there basically. Before I met up with him, and I had JUST gotten there, my sister and I went   by the equipment vans and buses and stuff where a whole bunch of people were gathered. We could hear them  rehearsing---way cool! So we heard Mankind and Around the Bend (which they didn't play...), but then some grouchy old lady  in a tye-die came over and said, "Like what are like you guys like doing here? You guys like aren't supposed to be here. Like  leave!" There were more "likes" than that I tell you. We weren't even doing anything, just about 15 people listening and stuff.

    The Fastbacks were on stage promptly at 8. Wasn't too impressed by them, but they were off stage by 8:35. At 9:15ish Pearl  Jam got on stage...and it was just awesome from there. But some things that stick out in my mind are:

    - during the end of Hail, Hail, the mirrorball came down...way cool
    - at the end of Not For You, Eddie said, "I'd like to specify...(can't remember exact words...sorry) that this not for you"
    - Before I Got ID, Eddie asks, "You guys got school tomorrow?" Of course, the answer is "Yes" He says, "Well, I don't! I could
play all night!" Screams of course. Then he says "Come to me after the show, and I'll write ALL of you excuses!" Then he plays I
Got ID and messes up majorly at the beginning. Then he stops, laughs, and says, "Someone's not been doing their homework."
    - He said before Go, that this song was for us.

    Eddie seemed to be in a really great mood. (In case you were wondering what they were wearing, looked like...Mike: t-shirt   and shorts; Eddie: baggy pants and Ramones shirt; Stone: cream-whitish pants and Devilhead t-shirt; Jeff: black t-shirt and  shorts; Jack: could only see from waste up, plain white t-shirt) The concert ended at about 11:00...wish it didn't end so early! Eddie DID say he could play all night!!!

    To any of you guys going to any of the shows this tour---you're in for a lot of fun!!!


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