"Day Off #1"
August 19th, 2000

10 Day Trip Journal: Two
//Day One (08.18.00)//Day Two (08.19.00)//Day Three (08.20.00)//Day Four (08.21.00)//Day Five (08.22.00)//
//Day Six (08.23.00)//Day Seven (08.24.00)//Day Eight (08.25.00)//Day Nine (08.26.00)//Day Ten (08.27.00)//

I fucked up this fothermucking shit and it will be awhile...when I have nothing better ot do with my life than write about bullshit when this FUCKING shit will get up here. Damn I am pissed...b/c I already wasted my time writing about this damn bullshit and I lost it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!



09.17.00 JNG