December 6th, 2013
Key Arena
Seattle, Washington

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Nothingman/Elderly Woman/Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy/Lightning Bolt/Mind Your Manners/Given To Fly /Pilate/Garden/Getaway/Even Flow/Sirens/In My Tree/Do The Evolution/Unthought Known/Black/Let The Records Play /Spin The Black Circle/Lukin/Better Man
Encore 1. . .
After Hours/Let Me Sleep/Future Days/Daughter/Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns/Breath/State Of Love And Trust/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Supersonic/Got Some/Rearviewmirror/Alive/Kick Out The Jams/Eruption/Yellow Ledbetter

Seattle was the one show I was looking forward to so much. Originally it was going to be my 100th show and it was also the first time seeing the band in Seattle in over a decade. I was excited for the tour finale, excited to see friends, excited to spend some time in the Pacific Northwest.

It would be fitting that because I was so looking forward to the PNW trip, I would get sick the week prior. At the time, I thought it was a sinus infection. It may have been partially, but in retrospect, I think it was a combo of a strain of the flu and sinuses. Whatever the case, it was not fun.

I had to fly to Portland for work and was unable to take a direct flight. I discovered that flying with a bigger belly, while sick...and experiencing two long flights was not fun. I was so grateful that a) I would hopefully be feeling better for the flight home and b) had a direct flight home.

Mike met me in Portland and we spent some time with his grandparents before making the drive to Seattle. We were there the night before the show and stayed downtown (not near the Seattle Center) at a really cool hotel I booked using my Hilton points (The Arctic Club). We had dinner with a bunch of peeps that night - well not really since I couldn't wait to eat so we "pre-ate" dinner at Veggie Grill. Mike and I were pooped but knew we had to try to stay awake as long as possible since the show was the next night. Needed to acclimate ourselves to Pacific Time. Hehe.

We also lucked out that the PNW was experiencing well below average temperatures. The temps weren't any colder than what we experience in Michigan but man, it sure felt ridiculously cold. We walked back to our hotel and cranked up the heat!

Woke up the next morning and decided we would make it out to the Ames Bros pop-up shop. We also ventured out to the University District to check out a vegan grocery shop.

Checked into our next hotel near the venue and Mike had a migraine - not great for show day. I let him nap and went to a vegan Chinese restaurant down the street from the hotel. It was good but nowhere near as good as Red Star in Dearborn back at home. Since it was so cold, Mike and I had a hard time leaving the hotel (beside the fact Mike still was not feeling well and quite honestly, I still wasn't feeling so hot, either). We eventually left the hotel and tried to connect with some people for dinner but ended up at a grocery store near the Key and ate some terrible food. We stopped by the venue prior to "dinner" and said hi to a bunch of people near the GA line (Rich, Marcia, Brad, Getto and Doerr.)

Since we "had" to get stickers, we went to the venue at the time when doors were supposed to open. Of course it was freezing and of course they were not on time. Was so grateful when they let us in and we were able to get in the merch line and get the stickers and get out of that mayhem in no time.

Went to our seats and watched Mudhoney. We were kind of miserable at that point. After Mudhoney performed we started noticing how we were not sitting near really any other Ten Club members. Our seats were amongst the band member's friends/schoolmates and their family. Snoozefest. We knew that this crowd was going to be lame. But I guess it was ok since Mike and I were so lame we knew we wouldn't be rocking out hard. Though, if we were amongst a bunch of people who brought it, maybe we would've fed off that energy...but alas...

Show opened with Pendulum - for which I was grateful because I just feel like in the future it will not be played as frequently (and if it does, then I'm ok with that.) Get as much Lightning Bolt on the tour as possible! This is where I discovered that singing along at this show was just not going to be happening for me :-( I was so dried out and would start to cough after awhile. Wet. Blanket.

Nothingman took us into Elderly Woman and I must say, at this point, I was sort of like "ho hum" --- this was not going to be a super epic show. In some ways, I was happy since being sick (and maybe pregnant) was dampering my time a bit but then at the same time, maybe I would've been able to power through if the vibe were different.

Did not expect Interstellar, though...a-ok with that. Everything else was par for the course (not in a bad way.) When Getaway started, I had that let down moment. My favorite song off of Lightning Bolt and it just was not meeting my expectations live(in fact I've had dreams about talking with the band about it - why they can't get their shit together on this song.)

Otherwise, in the main set, it was great to hear Pilate and I love Let The Records Play. Oh, and anytime Lukin is played when Lukin is in the audience - gold star. Except when he's a douche and attacks Ed on stage.

Encore one started with After Hours - was glad we got to witness it on this tour. The real treat was next --- Let Me Sleep. Was a great version and a good reminder that the holidays were literally right around the corner. Other highlights in encore one included Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns and the Singles duo.

Supersonic opened the second encore (alright!!!) Got Some led us into Rearviewmirror. Kick Out the Jams with Mudhoney was the choice cover of the evening with McCready playing Eruption. Show closing with Yellow Ledbetter.

Overall, it was a good solid show...but besides Mike and I being under the weather, it just didn't feel right. Too many friends and more importantly, too many family members there. I almost felt uncomfortable. I really didn't want to see Jill rocking out with Olivia and Harper on the side of the stage. I didn't need to see all the little girls in our section go backstage and then watch the show from the side of the stage. I didn't need to hear about how the teen in front of me goes to school with Matt Cameron's daughter. I'm sure our experience would've been WAY different if we were on the floor, but the unfortunate thing is...we weren't.

It was great to end the 2013 journey in Seattle, though. We had a great time and made some wonderful memories at the ten shows we saw in 2013. Can't wait for the next opportunities to get out there and rock out!

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