November 16th, 2013
Chesapeake Energy Arena
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Setlist. . .
Wash/Sometimes/Elderly Woman/Lightning Bolt/Mind Your Manners/Do The Evolution/Animal/Let The Records Play/MFC/In Hiding/Even Flow/Sirens/Whipping/Unthought Known /Immortality/Infallible/Wishlist/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Just Breathe/Yellow Moon/Parting Ways/Jeremy/Supersonic/Satan's Bed/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Last Kiss/State Of Love And Trust/Black/Alive/Baba O'Riley/Yellow Ledbetter

Even though we hit the road at 10am, it seemed to take us forever to get to OKC. We stopped along the way in Ardmore, Oklahoma at a pizza joint that was rated well. It was quite honestly a gem in the middle of nowhere. Pizza, two days in a road, yep, confirmed it was Pearl Jam tour we were on ;-)

Got to OKC and saw the crazy merch line. Got in it - needed stickers, duh! Then Mike saw Protzel in line and he was nice enough to pick us up our stickers so we got out of line. Now it was just waiting to meet up with Tracy and Rhonda who were hooking us up with extra fan club tickets. Again, the predictability of Pearl Jam --- the OKC special merch was all Sonic colors.

We parked the car close to the venue next to an AMAZING cupcake and candy shop called Pinkitzel (if you are ever in Oklahoma City, you MUST stop in). We then walked around Bricktown and decided to eat Abuelo's for dinner...until we spotted the local Mexican restaurant across the street. Chain? Or local? We all decided local. Worst decision we ever made. We bussed our own table. We begged for menus. We waited forever for our food only to have multiple f'ups and the brightest orange cheese we had ever seen outside of a Taco Bell. Bricktown was cool, but the restaurant sucked ass. We all felt like we ate bricks for dinner...that's for sure.

Went into the venue and were surprised yet again by a really nice venue. It's rare you get two really nice places in a row. We were not surprised, however, to find that the green screen was NOT working.

Our seats were fantastic (thanks to Rhonda and Tracy! and Dan for giving me the heads up their extras were up for grabs!) --- first row of the second section from side of the stage, Stone side. Excellent, excellent seats! Couldn't have been happier with our seats!

Another surprise?

Wash to open! If it was any other song, I may have to say I would've been disappointed to miss out on Pendulum but I was perfectly ok with Wash that went into Sometimes!

Elderly Woman came early in the set, followed by the LB duo: Lightning Bolt and Mind Your Manners. Do The Evolution for a second night. Aw yeah, Stone, baby. Stone was so animated at this show. I love his booty.

Animal came next and then Let The Records Play! I can't help but love this song! In-between leg one and leg two, we painted the baby's room and every time Let The Records Play came on my phone, I couldn't help but dance a little bit and sing. Not a hater!

"MFC for OKC." <3

In Hiding came next for a little dose of Yield power! Woooooo!

Even Flow was followed by Sirens which included messed up lyrics --- again. Sigh.

Rock and roll with Whipping! Followed by Unthought Known, Immortality (YES!) and Infallible. Set closed out with Wishlist and Rearviewmirror (back to typical main set closer).

Ed had begun to address the Seattle Supersonics "controversy" during the first set so we knew it would get addressed again...
But before we could even get there, some annoying chick had to get Ed's attention to propose to her boyfriend. I don't think I could roll my eyes any harder. PJ shows are becoming too schticky for life crap. Oh my kid saw 80 shows in the womb. Oh I need to propose to my boyfriend. Shit, I need to give birth on the rail.


Just Breathe was added to the set instead of Other Side - yeah, thanks a lot stupid chick and her pussy boyfriend. UGH!!!!!!!!

Yellow Moon came next and then...Parting Ways!!! Never expected that! So awesome!

Jeremy played again (shrug) and then we got into Sonic talk as Jeff put on a Sonics jersey. And of course, predictable (in a good way!), Supersonic came next. I want to cut the crease and put the shit in the hole at every show, so I will take it!

Couldn't even believe Satan's Bed followed! Maybe rough? But you know what? Nothing sounds rough when it comes to Satan's Bed after State College :-)

Porch closed out the first encore and the band played Last Kiss to the back at second encore --- well except for Ed who just can't seem to face backwards and again, tilted more towards side stage/front as he sang.

Great version of State of Love and Trust...except when Ed handed the microphone to someone in the crowd at the end (yeah, thanks for ruining that for us.)

During Black, our friend Ed may or may not have gotten right with something from Boomski. I cannot confirm or deny...but based on the hand waves that he tried to get the crowd to do during Alive and the stumble he took as he jumped on some stacks...yeah, I think all signs point towards "yes."

Show closed out with a spirited (always, right?) Baba O'Riley and Yellow Ledbetter. Perfect way to send us off until Seattle in three weeks!!!

Overall, crowd was very good. Good crowds make me happy and the band happy. It wasn't to the Charlottesville level - both crowds were good - but the vibe was different.

All in all, confirmed that adding Dallas and OKC were the right decisions. Even if it meant we had to get to bed and wake up at 4:15 to catch a 6:00 flight in the morning. Ah, the life of a tour kid :-)

Until Seattle...

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