October 8th, 2014
BOK Center
Tulsa Oklahoma

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Hard to Imagine/Elderly Woman/Breakerfall/Last Exit/Animal/Mind Your Manners/In My Tree/Lightning Bolt/Dissident/Marker in the Sand/Even Flow/Sirens/ Given To Fly/Jeremy/Let The Records Play/Spin the Black Circle/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Just Breathe/Black/Crazy Mary/I Believe In Miracles/Blood/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Do The Evolution/Better Man/Alive/Baba O'Riley/Indifference

This was a last minute add and much needed. I considered this my "warm-up" to tour.

Warm-ups are supposed to be practice, so you can't consider a show that has Pendulum going into Hard To Imagine a "practice" show. Elderly Woman was totally fitting for the area of the show. The show had a good foundation and it just went into complete rock mode...

Breakerfall! Not screwing around here. Last Exit through Mind Your Manners kept us all on our toes. In My Tree calmed it down a little bit. After In My Tree, Ed notices some people sitting down at the side of the stage and makes a comment to the effect that he is ok with people sitting or standing or whatever they need to do to have a good time. He's not going to "Kanye" anyone. Then the guy he may have been implying the comment towards, lifted crutches above his head and he laughed and said he'd been "Kanyed." He made another Kanye joke and was cracking himself up. I loved it because who doesn't love to hate on the biggest egomaniac asshole on the planet?

Lightning Bolt came next and I just really enjoyed the heck out of this song. So funny to think back to its debut at Wrigley and thinking it was so weak. I'm not saying the Wrigley performance wasn't weak, just saying how much better it sounds now. It's a fun song to have in the set, so I say keep it coming, keep it coming.

Wasn't expecting...Dissident! One of my top five favorite songs so I always welcome it with open arms. Another unexpected...Marker! Wow!

Prior to Even Flow, Ed acknowledged his "Nudedragons" shirt. Even noting when the show was. Maybe he shouldn't have made a big deal out of it as the internet became flooded with "ew, he wore that Nudedragons shirt AGAIN." Even Flow was great as always. Sirens came next and was dedicated to a woman who's loved one worked where the refinery fire (explosion) occurred who did not work the day of the fire. Fragility of life...

Given To Fly came next followed by Jeremy. Then my favorite due Let The Records Play and Spin The Black Circle. I could take Let The Records Play every night - it is such a fun song, especially to rock out to. Fun fun fun!

Rearviewmirror closed out the set.

First encore opened with Just Breathe...went into a beautiful Black and then Crazy Mary. Ramones mention and time for I Believe In Miracles. Blood into Porch to burn the encore to pieces.

Second encore started with Ed whining about the Supersonics. Thought maybe we would get Supersonic again as they played it in Oklahoma City last year...but no, was just the incredibly awesome Do The Evolution. Better Man and Alive kept the casual fans interested and engaged. For Baba O'Riley, Ed brought a kid named Nevin up on stage for his 13th birthday. As annoyed as I get with the internet, pimping out kids bs that occurs now, Nevin rocked it out so much harder than any other kid has onstage before. It did in fact bring tears to my eyes. With the house lights already on since Alive, the show closed with the incredible Indifference.

Wow. What a "warm-up"...haha
I was with someone who had not seen the band live before and she loved the show It is always fun to sit with someone who has never seen them before...you somewhat get to see it from their perspective and refresh yourself and remind yourself why you do what you do. And them to someone "get" it and understand you maybe a little better...


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