November 15th, 2013
American Airlines Arena
Dallas, Texas

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Nothingman/Can't Keep/Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy/Lightning Bolt/Mind Your Manners/Got Some/Brain Of J/World Wide Suicide/Given To Fly/Sirens /Lukin/Not For You/Jeremy/Glorified G/Infallible/Better Man
Encore 1. . .
Yellow Moon/Future Days/Footsteps/Daughter/Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns/Why Go/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Elderly Woman/The Real Me/Do The Evolution/Alive/Rockin' In The Free World/Indifference

Show 100! Can't even believe it!

Woke up relatively early (for a show day) to catch a plane down to Dallas. Have to admit the day did not start out the way I would like my 100th show day to start. I was feeling like an old lady with a sore neck and a mild headache. I slept on the plane but did not help me much. By the time we landed, I was famished and the shuttle did not take super long to get us to our hotel, but it took some time. I had only been to Dallas once before and had forgotten the detail that the Delta terminal sucks at DFW. The last time I was there I had Burger King fries and a smoothie for dinner. Lots of vegetarian options. There was a guy who hopped on our shuttle wearing a Wrigley shirt. It's just natural that you say something. This guy informed he us he was from Chicago - but he hates it there. Ok. So much for having a positive interaction with this individual. Pearl Jam fans - got to love their personalities.

Checked into the hotel and was SO PERFECTLY GIVEN room 922 --- the date of my first Pearl Jam show! Signs!!!

Met up with Rob and cabbed it over to the Spiral Diner. OMG. AMAZING vegan grub. I had a fantastic BBQ bacon burger and the most amazing cashew nut based nacho cheese. Oh and can't forget my new favorite: peanut butter shake. YUM.

The trip to Dallas wouldn't have been complete without visiting the site of JFK's off we went to the Grassy Knoll. Little did I know that we would also be treated to a "free" preview of autopsy photos. Nothing like seeing the shell of the President's head (mind you with JFK's brain missing.) You couldn't help, disrespectful or not, to get Brain of J stuck in your head. Were they going to play it that night? Duh. GIVEN. I have to say it was pretty surreal being on THE street...seeing THE "X"...

Went back to our hotel for some naps before the show. T and B came and picked us up and we headed to dinner at some pizza joint (it was all BBQ joints around our area). We ended up having a really good coal fire pizza for dinner. We then headed to the arena, amazed by how not crazy the area appeared. When we got inside the venue, we were also amazed by how not crowded it was. We also loved the venue. Not that we bought any, but they even sold genuine Slurpees there! Very, very nice arena.

We had some great side stage, Stone side tickets. Perfect for my 100th show! Floor was very strange --- smallest floor I had seen at any of the shows I had been to this tour. So strange - the randomness of methodology of the GA tickets.

From across the arena, I was able to connect with one of my oldest PJ friends - Erica. I think I've known Erica since I was 14 years old...she was one of my first "online" PJ friends :-)

Show opened with Pendulum (typical) and second song was Nothingman. The next song...woo! Can't Keep! I have missed this song as an opener and third slot on the LB tour is as close to opener as you can get. So I will take it!

Interstellar Overdrive (!!!) could only mean Corduroy was to follow. YES! Lightning Bolt and Mind Your Manners took us into what we/I had been waiting for: Brain of J! The "dependability" and "predictability" of this band is so perfect sometimes.

World Wide Suicide came next (appropriately) and then a solid Given To Fly. Ed fucked up the Sirens lyrics (sigh). Great version of Lukin... some point, early in the show, I took two seconds to scan our section because we had a lot of empty seats for some periods (band tickets) and I noticed that Carrie Brownstein was seated about three or four rows down from us. She had three other chicks with her (and this explained one of the reasons Ed kept paying a lot of attention to our section). Once Not For You started, I knew that Modern Girl tag was inevitable and I was so looking forward to seeing Carrie's reaction. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed, as I saw her tell her friends, "That's one of our songs" and her friends freaked out (LOL, great friends if they didn't even know and had to be told). But it was still a nice moment to witness.

Here came a great Texas duo: Jeremy and Glorified G. While I could do without Jeremy at a show, it was completely appropriate to play. Glorified G was great - I feel (and others) possibly a big ole "f you" to Mr. Abbruzzese. Which I loved because there were clueless/dumb fans who expressed throughout our day how cool it would be if Dave A. showed up and did a song. Hello? Do you not know any history? Good lord.

At some point, Ed talked about Jeremy but we were interrupted by Smitty. He came to our row looking for Gina. Gina needed to go backstage at Better Man (gee, thanks Smitty for giving that away, haha). Who Gina was? Became apparent later...

Infallible led us into the set closer, Better Man (and our whole section practically evacuated for backstage...when Ed said they had a lot of friends at this show, was no joke.)

Encore one began with Yellow Moon. Future Days introduced us to Gina (well not the crowd, but those of us who got interrupted by Smitty) --- Gina is Ed's sister who lives in Texas who was there with her son...who Future Days was dedicated to. Ed brought his nephew on stage for two seconds (no call out, but it was obvious).

Footsteps led into Daughter. We knew what came next was likely coming...but we figured it would happen since Andy Wood loved the Dallas Cowboys (see, all the Texas "call outs" were so appropriate and predictable, but perfect). Ed mentioned Andy loved Dallas...and then played Chloe Dancer into Crown of Thorns. Not to sound like a Carrie stalker, but at this point, she was on the floor and she was waaaay rocking out to Crown of Thorns.

Why Go and Porch closed out the first encore.

Elderly Woman was played to the back but Ed just couldn't dedicate himself to the back...he kind of stood facing Stone's side. Weirdo.

The Real Me led into Do The Evolution. Ah, Stone.

Alive was played and then Ed brought out Carrie and her friend "Annie" (who was St. Vincent). Not a Sleater-Kinney fan, but Stone and Carrie together is always SOOOOO hott! They should procreate. Their baby would be awesome.

Show closed with Indifference...with Mike experimenting with the bow. Very cool. Awesome show. Nice and memorable --- I made it to 100!!!!!!!!

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