October 30th, 2013
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, North Carolina

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Low Light/Present Tense/Last Exit/Do The Evolution/Lightning Bolt/Mind Your Manners/Severed Hand/Even Flow/Daughter/Getaway/Sirens/Setting Forth /Not For You/Immortality/Infallible/Unthought Known/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Bee Girl/Yellow Moon/Off He Goes/Just Breathe/Given To Fly/Better Man/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Elderly Woman/The Real Me/Black/Alive/All Along The Watchtower

After witnessing the amazing Charlottesville show the night before, we knew we had to see more shows. I think most PJ fans know how that goes...

Someone in our party was anxious to get on the road and get to Charlotte - Nascar capital mega city. I would've preferred more sleep - but whatever. Made our way to the venue and I was greeted by a super long merch line and a super long fan club line. I found out soon that it wasn't as crazy as it appeared --- there was a lot of "venue intervention" going on. Regulating the lines - allowing a certain amount of people into the venue to get fan club tickets. Surprisingly, our fan club tickets were for...Mike's side.

Met up with TJ and B for dinner...had some really solid wood fire pizza. On our way into the venue, we were greeted by a bunch of Jesus freaks, exclaiming to us that we were going to hell for seeing Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder kills babies. We probably love alcohol. And smoking pot. It was ridiculous. Someone had a lot of fun with these guys...and so did Protzel, who we randomly ran into on the street (PJ tour is so cool.)

We waited in a crazy line to get in. This was another sign that this venue was not awesome. It was so crowded once we got inside. And it was one of those venues that had a special food area to enter before entering our section. We also learned these people were anal to check our tickets. Nothing like having your ticket checked three different times from the bathroom back to your seat. ANNOYING.

I really will not go song-for-song for this recap. It was a good, solid show...but with the venue, combined with the crowd and thoughts of Charlottesville in our head...there was nothing spectacular about this show.

It was kind of sad because I think Ed was trying real hard to get a good crowd response...but it just never got to the level that was needed. He didn't seem discouraged but it still sucked.

Things that were cool: Last Exit (which sparked no interest of the crowd). Severed Hand (woo!) Now...before the world premiere of Getaway...Ed talked about how Lightning Bolt was number one for the second week in the row. Weird to interject a concert with (I thought they "didn't care")...but he went on a rant about how they got there without showing their tits (I hate the word "tits" by the way, I'm not anal about any word, but I just really hate that f'n word). The awesome thing about this? Stone raised his shirt and showed his "tits"...oh my gosh. I love that guy. He is incredible. He might not pull out the stops that often, but when he does, it's priceless AND classic. Ah, Stone.

As excited as I was to hear Getaway, I was bummed that it did quite honestly still sound very rough. It was waaaaay patchy in the beginning. Sounded better towards the end...but it needs some work. Some practice.

Another highlight was Bee Girl. Always nice to see Jeffy Poo play the guitar. Strange randomness in Charlotte.

The Real Me is always great to hear. All Along The Watchtower...I think I've said it before. Not my favorite cover that the band performs. I think others do it better (I know, kind of mean, but that's how I feel). It would not be anywhere near the top of my list of covers I would want to hear. It may rank above Know Your Rights, though.

So overall, it was a good show. Just not at the level of Charlottesville the night before. On our way out of the venue, the last play of the World Series was happening, and the assholes at the venue shut off the tvs trying to kick everyone out. HORRIBLE VENUE.

Said our good-byes to everyone and said, "See ya in Dallas!" Sounded so much better than saying, "See ya in Seattle!" :-)

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