October 30th, 2009
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Main Set...
Gonna See My Friend/The Fixer/In My Tree/Given to Fly/Tremor Christ/Untitled/MFC/Hold On/Unthought Known/In Hiding/Deep/Habit/Cropduster/Off He Goes/Force of Nature/Present Tense/Got Some/Do the Evolution
First Encore...
Just Breathe/Parting Ways/Jeremy/Breath/Light Years/Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Whipping/Crazy Mary/Footsteps/Once/Alive/Sonic Reducer/Baba O'Riley

I remember being just tickled pink after this show. I thought it was a spectacular show. We were all refreshed from the off night. Or were we not really? Haha.

I was super amped on our phatty side stage tickets. I wish I could have those tickets EVERY show. Seriously. They were great. Was hot as hell in those seats, but it was fantastic (save for the jerkfaces that piled in the aisle during the entire show).

Slow opener did not happen. Gonna See My Friend. This is our band telling us they want to rock and not puss out and be fuddy duddies at these Philly shows. We may be getting old, but we can still rock out, m'fers!

In My Tree was nice so early in the set. I was holding my breath during Tremor Christ because it felt like Ed was easily going to lose it. It was SO good to hear!

Always will take a little Untitled into MFC with no complaints. And then they threw out Hold On.

Man, as you go song by song, you realize why this was such a good show. Breezing through the set you're kind of, "eh" but when you stop and slowly read it, I'm telling you. Awe. Some.

Cropduster is always a pooper but I gotta say, it was nice to have something old and dusty thrown into the mix.

I knew Parting Ways was going to happen (not like I'm a rocket scientist I know everyone knew, too) with the strings. I was really looking forward to it since the last time that happened for me was Seattle 2000 and I absolutely loved it. With or without strings, I wish they would play this song more.

Set ended with Rearviewmirror. Yes. This is how we do it.

Crazy coming back with Whipping and then, yes! Excited for Crazy Mary because that meant it wouldn't happen on Halloween!!! Yay! I had to hit Mike, though, because I looked over and he was taking a video of Stone and Boom during that song. I was like cheesus, don't waste the memory on that shit!!!

Mamason in reverse. Then Sonic Reducer! Hell yeah! Into Baba. Yes, oh yes, this was a great show!!!

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