October 31st, 2009
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Main Set...
Why Go/Last Exit/Corduroy/Severed Hand/The Fixer/Elderly Woman/You Are/Amongst the Waves/Even Flow/Pilate/Unthought Known/Daughter/Johnny Guitar/Rats/I'm Open/I Got Shit/Glorified G/Out of My Mind/Black/Insignificance/Life Wasted
First Encore...
Just Breathe/The End/Low Light/Speed of Sound/Jeremy/Inside Job/Bugs/Spin the Black Circle/Porch
Second Encore...
Whip It/Got Some/Crown of Thorns/Satan's Bed/Sweet Lew/Do the Evolution/Better Man/Smile/Alive/Rockin' in the Free World/Yellow Ledbetter

Months in advance we knew this Halloween show was going to be insane. We didn't know that a World Series game would be played on the same day across the street. Oh, and the Flyers home opener on the other side? Serious mayhem.

I was at this show (duh) and it was a stupendous show. Meanwhile, here I am, almost a month later, typing all this out and I am just flabbergasted at the setlist. This was a show of all shows. This show was the ultimate way to top off a four show stint in one city. Un. Believe. Able.

I was quite disappointed because not a lot of people dressed up for Halloween. I was not going to miss out on the chance to dress like an idiot at a Pearl Jam show. No way, no how. Dan, Lynn and myself dressed up. Them as Elvii, me as a lady bug. I gotta say, that was fun itself.

We got to the lot right after lunch because we knew it was going to be crazy getting a decent parking spot. I had to use a portojohn which I was not thrilled with. I avoid those like the plague. Lynn and I both got sick the week after this show and I blame that illness on using the portojohn. Yep.

I do have to say, the bathrooms inside The Spectrum were not much better. Gross. Grosser. Grossest. I swear they did not clean the bathrooms in-between nights. And I think I witnessed the proof but it's not suitable to type out for anyone to read.

Dan and Lynn were able to trade back two rows and sit directly behind us. Even though we were "far" back (row 17 & 18) I saw great! It was a miracle! I thought my seats were going to be terrible for all four nights and I lucked out every night! I wouldn't say my 17th row seats were unobstructed but I wasn't throwing a hissy fit like the girl was next to me. Too bad, so sad. Dan and Lynn tried trading their tickets with them. They would've been one row closer but not directly center. The girl was all pissed cause she couldn't see EDDIE. Newsflash: being off on the side-ish in the center section when you're not first five rows is probably better than being exactly center if you want to see Eddie. Duh.

Surprisingly, no Release or Long Road. Hello to Why Go! And yes! I'll take that with some extra ketchup!

Wow, wow, wow up until Elderly Woman, rockers! Elderly Woman was awesome, though. I love it and the singalong was great.

You Are came next. I love this song, especially live. Woo hoo! Let's see...Pilate sounded AMAZING! I think it sounded better than the 2000 tour. I may have been smoking crack, but that was my initial reaction.

I never ever expect Rats. Even at shows you know are going to be crazy (ahem).

Since all the shows were SO great I kind of had lost track of my top five songs and had forgotten that Glorified G (and Inside Job) were in order. Yes!

Still can't believe they played Out of My Mind. And it sounded SOOOOO good!!! No half-assing this song!

Absolutely love when the set ends with Life Wasted (hello! Play this song more!)

"Typical" of the 4 day event the encore started with Just Breathe and the strings. I welcome it all, thinking that they may not play Just Breathe and The End too often in the future. Low Light is a total yay! Ed screwed up beginning of Speed of Sound (again!) Jeremy with strings is just meh. But that's my feeling about the song. Two out of four nights of Jeremy not two thumbs up from me.

Always, always, ALWAYS welcome Inside Job. Especially when it's followed by Bugs. Ed almost pussed out. I thought he was going to. Claiming he'd try it at a later date when he could do it perfectly (is that a word in his vocab, haha?) But alas, he trudged through it. And it was fun. Hell yes.

I had already heard about soundcheck, but had totally forgot about the Devo thing. Very funny: Devo costumes, a whip and actually playing Whip It. It was AWESOME!

Man, and they played Crown of Thorns! (I can't wait to hear this show again!!!) Then Satan's Bed!

Never in a million years would I think they would play Out of My Mind. But Sweet Lew??? Never! It was so cool to see!

An epic show like this wouldn't be complete without DTE. I don't know, it was just so much fun during this show. We had spotted the balloons strapped to the ceiling before the show started. But again, got caught up in this show and forgot about them. They came tumbling down, along with a SHITLOAD of red, white and blue confetti during Rockin' in the Free World. It would be such a waste, but it would be SO MUCH FUN if they tossed down confetti and balloons at the end of every show!

At the end of Rockin' in the Free World, people started popping the balloons and it sounded like fireworks. It was just amazing. BUT. As wonderful as Rockin' in the Free World was, I wished they wouldn't close the last show at The Spectrum with a cover. I was very happy that they went into Yellow Ledbetter.

And the show ended. A wonderful four shows. Amazing time in a great city with awesome friends.

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