October 16th, 2014
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan

Setlist. . .
Release/Oceans/Nothingman/Go/Mind Your Manners/Be Your Dog/Corduroy/Lightning Bolt/Amongst The Waves/Even Flow/Light Years/Got Some/Dissident/Black Red Yellow (Stranglehold)/ Lukin/Not For You/Once/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Man Of The Hour/Imagine/Last Kiss/Comatose/State of Love and Trust/Black/Better Man
Encore 2. . .
Do The Evolution/Wasted Reprise/Life Wasted/Detroit Rock City/Spin the Black Circle/Alive/Kick Out The Jams/Baba O'Riley/Indifference

Through my years as a "touring" Pearl Jam fan, I resolved awhile ago that I don't necessarily love seeing the band in my home town. It feels weird. The other end of that is, people that are in my "normal" life had an opportunity to share in the joy the band gives me. If they're so inclined...

I knew a few non-nutheads that were going to be at the show, so I was looking forward to seeing what the band was going to bring to the table...because if anything, I wanted these people to a) have a good time and b) maybe understand this crazy "obsession" that I have by witnessing it firsthand.

We headed over the venue late morning to check it out. What a clusterfuck it was to get to the venue with all the Cobo expansion/renovation going on. We took Nathaniel with us so he got to meet some people in the merch and GA line (even though he was sleeping.) After we spent some time at the venue, we took off for lunch at Seva (vegetarian restaurant.) We filled up on some good grub and then headed home to get our stuff together and drop the baby off with my parents.

Now...one perk that I never thought about having a show downtown, was having the opportunity and ability to eat the best spring rolls on the planet before the show. I was still stuffed from lunch but I was not passing on spring rolls. I walked into Orchid Thai feeling stuffed yet still managed to eat four spring rolls. Oink oink!

We took the People Mover from Compuware to the Joe. Merch line was ridiculous so we decided to go wait to get in and then realized...duh, I had fan club tickets and needed to pick those up. Ended up with tickets on Mike's side. So we waiting at the top of the Joe Louis steps. Little did we expect to hear soundcheck and to hear it so late/so close to doors opening. We heard Gone, Black Red Yellow (with Stranglehold) and Amongst The Waves(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) All I could think was wow...really???

Saw Chelios pull up to the back stage area (we weren't hanging out there, we were just near there by the Gordie Howe entrance.) Thought about his ego. Between the posters and the shirts/jerseys with his jersey number...

We were able to get in right when doors opened. Skipped the first merch booth, went straight for the second one and noticed there was a third right next to it. Was able to obtain what I "needed," and moved on, ran into Rob and then sought out the green screen. Who do we bump into the green screen? TJ and Britney, of course!

TJ and Britney were one section over from us and my sister and Dan were going to be one section over from them. Did that work out or what??? My seats were "good" and I'm not complaining but they were awfully high considering my number...and...after seeing how some people rocked out lower than us, it was apparent this was another work of what we experienced, hard core, at Pine Knob first night back in 2006.

We thought the band would be a little late due to the fact they soundchecked so late...however, it was in fact the opposite, even a little early (for them.)

Was waiting for Pendulum and got, what I had an inkling we would get, Release!!! Beautiful! And the even bigger shocker...Oceans!!! I think that was the dream opener I never even thought would be possible. Good lord, I love this band.

Stayed slow for one more number with Nothingman. Then, this is where it truly became Detroit Rock City: Go! Mind Your Manners! And say what...? Be Your Dog?!? Wow! Into Corduroy? Ok!!!

The always fun Lightning Bolt came next and then...the love song I was and am always waiting for: Amongst The FUCKING Waves!!! My favorite IN MY HOMETOWN?!?! Did I mention I LOVE this band?!?

Even Flow came next. I was just thinking about Light Years the week prior and was thinking...it had been awhile, so that was nice to hear. It was dedicated to Jack White's keyboard player that had recently died on tour in Mexico.

Got Some was followed by...woah...woah...woah...another of my top five favs...Dissident!!! The best part? This was HANDS DOWN the BEST Dissident crowd I've EVER been a part of. This crowd LOVED them some Dissident as they shouted the lyrics. Detroit and the Faithful PJ fans there...good job, good job. I fell in love with this crowd right then and there.

The next song came with a backstory about how they thought Rodman was going to come out for the show but he didn't and that's probably in his best interest...and it was time for Black Red Yellow but the sweetest part was the breakdown where they went into Stranglehold. It was AWESOME. So freaking awesome!

Lukin also came with a backstory of the fact that Matt Lukin was there that night, in Detroit. Fuck yeah, we'll take Lukin with Matt Lukin in the building!

Final three songs of the main set were a spirited Not For You, Once and Rearviewmirror.

Man Of The Hour was a request of Chelios who was situated across the way from us (Stone Siiiiiide.) Imagine came next with lots of cell phone flashes lighting up the place. Last Kiss was played towards to the back (duh.) Comatose made me reminiscent of the couple of shows in 2006 where Ed used the bullhorn. State of Love And Trust, a beautiful Black and Better Man ended the first encore.

Second encore rocked with Do The Evolution. And woo hoo! Wasted Reprise into Life Wasted. And then...yes! Detroit Rock City! Spin the Black Circle...Alive. And then it was time to... Kick Out The Jams motherfucker! Baba O'Riley and then finally Indifference.

What an incredible show! Incredible crowd! So proud to have such a great show in my hometown. And not this BS out in the burbs stuff, legit Detroit Rock City...first time in 20 years. Hopefully the next time they are back in town it will be in less than 8 years...

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