"Home Sweet Home"
October 7, 2000
Palace of Auburn Hills: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Main Set...
Go, Corduroy, Grievance, State of Love and Trust, Tremor Christ, Elderly Woman, Insignificance, Last Exit, Animal, In My Tree, I Got Shit, Romanza, Better Man/Save It For Later, Even Flow, Daughter, Thin Air, Jeremy, Given To Fly, Rearviewmirror
First Encore...
Nothing As It Seems, Last Kiss, Spin The Black Circle, Crazy Mary, Parting Ways
Second Encore...
Fuckin' Up

    This show was especially weird for myself. I'd seen Pearl Jam twice before in my homestate...but not after such "extensive" touring and seeing the band in numerous other cities in the same year (this was my 12th show of 2000). It is nice to be at a place you consider familiar (the hometown gig place where you've seen the Backstreet Boys...where you've seen RATM...where you've seen Kid Rock, etc., etc., etc.)...I was especially pumped too because this was the first Pearl Jam concert I was going to be sitting with my mom at. Ok, ok, so I sat on the lawn with her the 2nd night at Alpine Valley...but sometimes I do not even count that show because I was jouseled around so much.
    My mom's fanclub membership got us nice 11th row, dead center tickets. This was the closest my mom has ever sat to the band (this was her 6th Pearl Jam show). It was odd, as well...to have all these people I have met from various places around the country IN my hometown. My best friend, Erin, even came to see Pearl Jam at the Palace (her 2nd Pearl Jam show).
    This show was even more meaningful in the aspect of me meeting Mike McCready. I'd never met any of the members of the band before this night...it was a treat...for more on that, visit my Bah Humbug page. I also got to see Mr. Dennis Rodman enter the Palace. The guy was just like, "Yup, yup, I'm back again!" It was priceless:-)
    I missed all of Supergrass' set...but all was good. I found my seat...where my mother was waiting patiently. There was some drunk guys behind us...and the one kept bugging me. He wanted to get his wedding invitation to Eddie. I saw it get thrown later that night...it didn't make the stage.
    Now, I was a big cheater, and I got to get a really good look at the setlist before the show...I know, I know...it "ruins" it...but boy oh boy...it sure didn't ruin it for me (or the next night for that matter). The only thing looking at the setlist before the show ruins is the "surprise" of the opener. The best part of the shows is the encores anyway...and that's not decided until it IS encore time. I thought I was mis-reading something though...opening with Go?!? YEAH RIGHT!
    We hear things like "the first so and so minutes of the show burned"...but I have never really felt that way until this show. If this set wasn't burning, I don't know what burning is!!! It was probably one of the best sets I've had the pleasure of witnessing...seriously! It was like...Go and three seconds later...it was Fuckin' Up!
    We got some excellent songs...Tremor Christ! In My Tree! Romanza! I was just super happy because for months, my mom has been like, "They better play I Got ID!" since it is her favorite song and all. When I saw the setlist...first I looked for the opener...then I looked for I Got Shit (and woo hoo! it was there for my mommy)...and then I looked for Red Mosquito...which didn't happen. But my friend Erin really wanted to hear it...I think it's one of her favs. Oh well, next time you gotta do more shows, Erin;-)
    Rearviewmirror wasn't interrupted by any mullet cutting this time around;-)
    The encore was the heart stopper. The first time the band...together...PARTING WAYS! Seriously...this song...wow! It is beautiful on the album...but live...wow, wow, wow!!!
    I will admit, I was slightly disappointed with Fuckin' Up...not because it wasn't totally kick ass (it was)...and not because a person who deserved a tambourine didn't get one (he did...way to go Chuck!)...but because last time they played the Palace, they closed the show with Fuckin' Up as well. Oh well...I still enjoyed myself, I'm just whining now;-)


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