**All pictures taken by Carolina Canada or Sarah Canada**

"Ice Bowl"
October 8, 2000
Alpine Valley Music Theater: East Troy, Wisconsin

Main Set...
Of The Girl, Hail, Hail, Breakerfall, Whipping, Corduroy, Animal, Elderly Woman, Dissident, Given To Fly, Faithfull, Even Flow, Untitled, MFC, Light Years, Off He Goes, Insignificance, Black, Jeremy, Porch
First Encore...
Wishlist, State of Love and Trust, Go, Better Man/Save it for Later, Daughter, Smile, Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Too FUCKING cold for a 2nd Encore Foo'

    Now. When did tickets go on sale for these shows? 1982? Well whenever the tickets went on sale, hell when the venues were announced, my mom and I were like, "Alpine in October?!? Yeah right!" I figured I was going to be layered...in gloves...hat...etc., etc., etc.
    We woke up around 8 at my house...headed to my work for a little sompin, sompin...and hit the road around 9:30, 10:00. We didn't make it to the venue until like 5:30 Central Time! It was ridiculous! It snowed on the way...there was an accident in Indiana that backed up to Michigan. We were uncontrollably having CAR FEVER. Us gals (Sarah, Carolina, and I) were fricken' giddy as all hell. We were so happy to finally get to the hotel...layer ourselves up...and get to the venue.
    We got to the venue...people were already going in...found Rich and Chuck...but then the three of us gals went our separate ways and sat in some very cool seats for this show...
    Again, this night, we got to take a glimpse at the setlist. Oceans. Opener...OCEANS! Then Ed was going to come out and open with Soon Forget...and what happens? Of the Girl...which I have slated as my favorite Binaural opener...BUT...come on...when you expect Oceans and you get Of the Girl...what do you expect to feel? :-)
    I was relatively keeping warm...I had on knit gloves as well as my mittens...a hat...three layers of shirts/sweaters, coat, and three pairs of pants on. One thing I forgot...to layer the socks...so my feet were the only things suffering...it took like an hour after the show for them to thaw out...now THAT sucked.
    Anyhow...the band tried their best to keep us moving...but the cold was getting to them, too. The crowd was as into it as they could have possibly been...but it was hard...it was so cold!!! If you can see your breath at a concert, I think it's the first hint it needs to be moved indoors...
    Nothing super magnificent happened at this show...besides us all getting frostbitten. No awesome closer...but we did get Smile...hell, it was fricken "Milwaukee"...it was a given. But anyhow...even if it was a given, Sarah FINALLY got her Smile...so she was thrilled:-)
    Getting out of the parking lot was pretty peachy...I think everyone was too fricken cold to be dicks about letting people out...so it was a breeze...
    We went back to the hotel where I took a shower to warm up...and then went to sleep...CRASHED...warm in my blankets.



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