"I Don't Speak English"
October 4, 2000
Molson Centre: Montreal, Quebec

Main Set...
  Of The Girl, Corduroy, Whipping, Grievance, Animal, God's Dice, Nothing As It Seems, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Pilate, Last Kiss, Do The Evolution, MFC, Improv/Habit, Light Years, Better Man, Even Flow, Porch
First Encore...
Off He Goes, Breakerfall, State of Love and Trust, I Got Shit, Elderly Woman, Leaving Here
Second Encore...
Fuckin' Up, Yellow Ledbetter

    We had one hell of a time getting to the venue...mainly because we don't speak French. Granite, we had a Montreal boy (Bruno) in the car with us...but still...he wasn't behind the wheel! :-) We all were in pretty BLAH spirits I think because of the weather. It was really icky out...coldish and wet. Ew. After driving around the entire city of Montreal, we finally found the place. Haha. We parked our car...had no idea where the box office was, but we spotted Florence, and we figured we were in the right place:-)
    The box office was in the basement of the Molson Centre...Carolina and Bruno both had fan club (we had talked Carolina out of coming and waiting at 8 am...I think we talked her into 11 am)...I was to get a ticket from Adam later...and Ryan was using one of Bruno's tickets...so Sarah, Ryan, and I had nothing to really do. There were chairs set up, so Sarah and I snagged some for ourselves and called them ours...hands off! They were red and padded and very nice! Eventually familiar faces began rolling into...first Ed and Luke...who had been in the area since 3 am (nuts! LOL). Sarah and I went to the gas station to get some food...and not long after we got back, the Rich and Chuck gang arrived...with Tracie and Mike. It was really cool seeing all of them again after the little break...I think those guys have established some kind of comfort amongst us that go to a lot of shows but not ALL the shows...it's like you feel at home because you know those guys are going to be there...they're part of the Pearl Jam tour package now:-)
    Glenn and Renae arrived...it was way cool seeing those two again. Glenn's a kickass guy and Renae's a sweetheart...so after Carolina had shed her tears (she got first row on Mike's...er "Jeff's" side)...the three of us gals headed off with the Glennster and Renaester to go find a bite to eat. Plus Sarah and Carolina...the compulsive picture takers, needed more film. Renae guided us to a mall she frequents in Montreal that had a really kickass food court. We walked around...and then kind of realized we needed to get back to the venue to see if there were POSTERS.
    Sarah and I spotted the merch. table from like a mile away and we just RAN. MONTREAL POSTERS! Heck yeah! So I bought two...one for me, one for Ryan. Went around the corner to the entrance to the box office...where people were still hanging...SOUNDCHECK TIME! Everyone had basically been kicked out of the box office...so they were waiting at the top of the escalator. Ryan had bought me a poster already...so luckily I was able to sell the two I bought to two guys...
    I was in a relatively decent mood...considering that I had left my toiletry bag at home...with EVERYTHING in it...including my camera...so that is why I do not have any pictures for the Montreal or Toronto shows. The Canada shows brought forth bad luck...the day of the Montreal show, my little brother was messing around with some friends at school...ended up getting two stitches off to the side of his eye...and my grandfather died on the morning of the Toronto show...so after all this news...I knew we all had to play it extra safe because I was bad karma man!
    It was getting really close to showtime...5:30...6:00...and Adam was still not there...so I was panicking...so I went to the box office...hoping they had something decent...and I got a pretty decent seat...not floor (I'm tough, I can live...I am happy just as long as I am there). This was the first Pearl Jam concert I had ever sat alone at. It was kind of nice. (Besides the fact that everyone thought I spoke French...must have been my glasses). The guys next to me started talking to me in French, and I was like, "I don't speak French...English." They didn't hear me and were telling me something funny in French...so I just pretended I understood and laughed along with them...haha and then I was scared and tried to avoid any eye contact with them:-)
    This was the first time I was going to be catching Supergrass (they were supposed to open for Foo Fighters when I saw them in '97, but that fell through)...they had a nice set...but I was disappointed because one of my favorite songs is by them "Late in the Day"...and they didn't go anywhere near it. I am still disappointed in them because they do not vary their sets. I was already playing Snake on my phone during their set after like the 3rd time I saw them (it took about 6 times before I played Snake during Sonic Youth's sets).
    This was my first "international" Pearl Jam concert. Even though I am relatively close to Toronto...this was my first time seeing Pearl Jam in Canada...so I was pumped about that experience.
    Good opener: Of the Girl...but that wasn't the breaking point for me. The breaking point for me was Corduroy. I thought not only was it an excellent version...the crowd was SO into it. It moved me to tears. Seriously. Fricken CORDUROY! I was just so happy to be at the show...and I got to be with a bunch of people that spoke a different language than me...and everyone was singing along...it really was breath taking...but I don't think Corduroy affected anyone else like it did for me. I've never cried at a Pearl Jam concert...it was interesting. Maybe it was because of my seat...I could see everything and everyone so well...
    Whipping! Grievance...probably one of the most fun songs off of Binaural:-) They also played Pilate!!! Woo hoo!!!
    The encore highlight for me, was Leaving Here...the solos were kickass...and I think the last time I caught Leaving Here was Knoxville in 1998. Very welcomed by Jessica Gates:-)
    Fuckin' Up was excellent and it was good to hear some Ledbetter...especially since I didn't get it at the next four shows...and to tell you the truth...I was a little disappointed because I like Mike's little touches on the song at the end...
    After the show, we all said our good byes and departed back to Toronto so Sarah could wait in line early for her fanclub tickets. The drive back was tough...no one could stay awake...but we made it...thank goodness...

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