October 3rd, 2004
Grand Rapids, Michigan

GOB, Death Cab for a Cutie

Ed Solo Pre-Set...
Dead Man, Throw Your Arms Around Me
Main Set...
Breakerfall, Last Exit, Save You, Do the Evolution, Even Flow, Light Years, Sad, Not For You, Whipping, 1/2 Full, Bleed For Me, Blood
First Encore (acoustic)...
Millworker, Elderly Woman, Footsteps, Masters of War, Crazy Mary
Second Encore...
Given to Fly, Daughter, Insiginifance, The New World, Kick Out the Jams
Third Encore...
Alive, Yellow Ledbetter

Again, another instance where it's almost been 2 years. Here are my comments from my journal about this show:


After Toledo, just about everyone in the world went back to RO to stay at Rich's place or at my house. As we were sitting in the parking lot, waiting for the shit to calm down, it hit me that it would be excellent to get some food (I had NO meal at all since Thursday night...because of time constraints, this was a weekend of gas station meals. Totally sucked). So I called my parents and had them investigate...and they ended up picking up some pizzas from Hungry Howies for us...and we had food waiting for us when we got to my house a little before 2am. It was spectacular. It was a big old party. My sister and Aaron were over with two friends. My brother had a friend over. Basically, everyone and their mom was at my house. Saturday night was the night I got the most sleep this weekend...went to bed at 3am-ish and woke up about 9:30. When I woke up, it felt like a ton of bricks had hit me. Totally rad.

Most everybody headed to GR to watch stupid, horrible football. Those who are cool stuck around this area and we went to Buddy's. I also called Lauren and she came along...along with my parents and brother. It was damn good. Very enjoyable. Then we headed to GR.

Venue...everyone bitched about how shitty it was. I thought it was fucking great! It was so small! So much smaller than Toledo! Our tickets ended up not being as great as I thought they were (Ticketmaster had the wrong seating chart on their website)... but it was allllll good. Especially since we had a drunken IDIOT in front of us. Towards the end he wanted to fight with ME and I never even said a word to him (wait for the recap for details, yo...is this torture?).

Ideally, I wanted to get out of GR asap because I was driving home alone AND had to work in the morning. However, I HAD to say good-bye to everyone. And then SueAnn found me, so I had to catch up. Then I met some other people I had never met before (but knew) and I couldn't be rude. I needed to be all "yo" and stuff with them.

Got home last night about 2:30am. Showered. Got to bed a little before 3am. Did NOT want to wake up this morning. I was alright once I got moving. Peeps at work think I'm super human. Not sleeping and driving like 1300 miles in three days is not as hard as you would think...


Like I how I said, "Wait for the details in my recap." Too bad I don't remember what those details were! This was a good show because a lot of people were there. Dolin looked like a Keebler elf. I met someone I used to trade videos with all the time back in the day for the first time. I don't know...good times overall.

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