October 2nd, 2004
Toledo Sports Arena
Toledo, Ohio

GOB, Death Cab for a Cutie

Ed Solo Pre-Set...
Patriot, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Main Set...
Long Road, Corduroy, Hail, Hail, Save You, The Amerikan in Me, Cropduster, I Am Mine, Wishlist, Better Man, I Believe in Miracles, Even Flow, Bleed For Me, Alive
First Encore (acoustic)...
Thumbing My Way, Elderly Woman, Black
Second Encore (acoustic)...
Harvest Moon (Neil & Pegi Young with Ed)
Third Encore (Neil Young & Peter Frampton)...
All Along the Watchtower, Act of Love, Cortez the Killer, Rockin' in the Free World

Let's see...it's almost been 3 years since this show took place. And now I'm trying to finally write something down here.

We knew Neil was going to be at this show. I think mainly because his tourbus was out back.

This place was a COMPLETE craphole. I think it would be better off bulldozed. Did not watch Death Cab but I remember hearing Transantlanticism when I was in the hallway...and I was like, shit, maybe I should be out there. But wasn't too concerned. My parents came to this show. I think it was the first time my dad had seen them since 1998. I was psyched he got to see that much Neil...but not psyched for my mom because I knew she wasn't crazy about him. Regardless, this show was good and a nice change of pace because of the Neil factor.

And the final notes from my journal as written shortly after this show:

Leave one shithole town...for another shithole town. We caravaned to Toledo. Caravaning...always fun times. Along the way I experienced, for the first time ever really...people going all apeshit because of my license plate. It seemed everyone who passed by me was going to the Toledo show and waved at us or honked their horns. This happened ALL the way to Grand Rapids, too. In fact, it happened many more times in that two hour drive to GR than it did that 5 or 6 hour drive to Toledo.

Toledo venue. Piece of shit. We knew before the show started Neil Young was there (hello, his tour bus was parked out back). We also heard this buzz about Peter Frampton, but we thought it was some joke. LOL, like Peter Frampton at a Pearl Jam show? Right. Hahahha. Still funny.

My parents came out to the show. Turned out they had some really excellent seats. Saw Erica briefly. Spent another night ignoring Tim Robbins and Death Cab by sitting in the filthy hallway talking with everyone. Or more like being an asshole with everyone. We're good at that.

No comments on show (again, recap). Toledo: ranked 3 out of 3 (and no, Neil Young had absolutely no influence on that ranking, the ranking is based on Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam only).

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