September 11th, 2005
Kitchener Memorial Auditorium
Kitchener, Ontario


Ed Solo Pre-Set...
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Main Set...
Long Road, Last Exit, Animal, Save You, Do The Evolution, Given to Fly, Love Boat Captain, Corduroy, Insignificance, Gimme Some Truth, Faithful, Jeremy, Even Flow, Leatherman, Habit, Blood
First Encore...
Soon Forget (Ed solo), Can't Keep (Ed solo), Man of the Hour, Small Town, Daughter/(W.M.A.), Black, Alive
Second Encore...
In My Tree, Indifference, Betterman/(Save it for Later), Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

I know this is f'd up---I'm writing my Kitchener memories down before I even finish my Voters For Choice show memories. Sorry. I ran out of steam and these three Canada shows sparked my interest again.

Kitchener was interesting for the simple fact that we had some issues before the show. We got to Canada without a hitch. No issues at the border. Found everyone at a sports bar (it was, duh, we had to watch football). The one thing we found out from everyone who got to Canada the day before us was that it was a bitch to find ATMs that would accept American debit cards. Sweet! So after we were leaving the sports bar, a caravan of three cars went on a mission to go to the known working ATM. Well...some woman slamming on her brakes for a yellow light caused a commotion. Car one slams on brakes. Car two slams on brakes. Car three slams on brakes...however, there is not enough time to stop. And wham, bam, thank you, ma'am...first on tour accident involving multiple cars in a caravan. Rock!

Rob's car was the only one to be seriously damaged---of course, the only car that wasn't a rental. Awful, awful situation...only amplified by 10 because we were outside the US.

We managed to get to the show in time, though. Hey...we weren't gonna drive to Canada just to wreck the car and turn around, eh?!?

The whole situation reinforced the fact that we're part of a great community and it's so good we travel together and we all look out for each other. The four of us were able to get rides from our other paly-pals until we picked up a rental car in Hamilton (thanks, guys, for carting our asses around, by the way).

Anyway. Back to the show.

I walked into the venue as You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. I wasn't boo-hooing. And I knew it was too late to make it to my seat. So I just walked and listened. No biggie.

I didn't know what to think. I had been downloading the shows from this tour...but hadn't even bothered to listen to any of them (except I did listen to Hard to Imagine from The Gorge...couldn't resist that one). I had seen the setlists, but they didn't really sink in. I knew that they were pulling out Release frequently and they played Oceans already (so I assumed my shot of seeing this on my three day stint was shot).

Long Road was the opener...which was kinda like...expected. But not in a bad way. After the accident, it sure was a fucking long road. What a great rocker couple of songs next, eh? (I can't help with the "ehs" and you'll just have to deal with them, these are Canadian re-caps, right, eh?) Given to Fly->Insignificance...awesome!

Wasn't expecting (you'll be seeing that a lot in the next two recaps, too) to hear Gimme Some Truth. I was kind of surprised by the crowd's reaction (meaning Fan Club section) to the song. It was as if no one had ever heard it before. I dunno. I am a snob. Maybe I just expected more out of people. Was good to hear...everytime I hear Gimme Some Truth it takes me back to 2001...Bridge/Groundworks. And I love it plugged in, it's fucking great. Hellz yeah.

FAITHFUL?!? It's impossible to not get amped up about that one...

Habit into Blood to close the set. Perfecto.

Ed came out for the encore with the uke. I was like, "Hell yeah, Can't Keep, eh!" Then I thought to myself, "Are you on crack? Why the fuck would Ed play Can't Keep on the uke?" Then Ed TRIES to play Soon Forget. Which everyone needs to listen to because the "SHIT!" is the funniest "SHIT!" said onstage EVER. And as if the best "SHIT!" onstage EVER wasn't get another good laugh out of when he tries again and messes up and finally decides to abandon and go onto bigger and better things...Can't Keep!

Man of the Hour came next. Then Elderly (and I like it, booyah). Alive closed the encore set...and I still have a good feeling about Alive because of the whole 2000 tour. All I have to do is think back to Seattle when they finally freaking played it...and the emotion we all felt. It makes you appreciate the song when thinking in that context. Fersure.

The second encore would've been totally rad if it weren't for Better Man...but it was still plain and simple "rad." Indifference? Baba? Call this show a success.

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