September 16th, 2022
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, Tennessee

Setlist. . .
Nothingman/Buckle Up/Black/Present Tense/Last Exit/All Night/Who Ever Said/Corduroy/Rats/Wishlist/Even Flow/Dance of the Clairvoyants/Spin the Black Circle/Immortality/River Cross/Better Man/Porch
Encore. . .
Last Kiss/Go/Smile/Given to Fly/Alive/Yellow Ledbetter

Friday night in Nashville. The vibe was certainly there.

I had been to the outskirts of Nashville - to see Pearl Jam, of course - but never had been to Nashville. We spent the evening before the show exploring Broadway and having out in the GA line with Rich.

We had a chill morning, popping by the venue, laughing at the insane merch line. We spent some time in the hotel pool and took a snooze before the show. Thats how every show day should go...

Had a funny incident getting into the venue. I brought one of my old show purses to Nashville with me. I'm old school, so it's not clear. We found that one of the entrances had a shorter wait to get in so we headed that way only to be found by a venue employee who noticed my purse (it's hot pink, very obvious) and took Mike and I to the front of the line to get in so they could put my purse through a metal detector. Made it real easy to get my stickers upon entry to the venue. Also side note – the nachos were real clutch here. Not only did they offer jalapenos (decline) but salsa (accepted).

Friends were all around us. TJ behind us. Dan and Lynn directly across. Rich on the rail. Rob wandering.

Show opened with the slow start as it had during this leg of the tour - Nothingman to start us off into Buckle Up. Other solid songs included Present Tense.

In another Mike quip, he had mentioned before the show (days? Same day?) "Wonder if they will play All Night?" I was like...nah. Clearly I know nothing...

Rats was an incredible surprise. Immortality took us into what I had hoped to hear - River Cross. It was so beautiful. I didn't partake in holding up my phone flashlight but I loved seeing everyone elses.

Encore was pretty typical - nothing special (sorry). But overall a very solid show and was happy to hear Yellow Ledbetter to close out my 2022 tour (hah! Two shows is NOT a tour).

Until next time Pearl Jams...

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