September 6th, 2022
First Ontario Center
Hamilton, Ontario

Setlist. . .
Oceans/Nothingman/Yellow Moon/Man of the Hour/Retrograde/Given to Fly/Who Ever Said/Red Mosquito/Dance of the Clairvoyants/Corduroy/Quick Escape/I Am Mine/Daughter/I'm Open/Sad/Superblood Wolfmoon/Do the Evolution/Black/Porch
Encore. . .
Inside Job/Once/Wishlist/State of Love and Trust/Alive/Indifference

My expectations were so low. So ridiculously low.

My mindset wasn't right. I even knew that - I was irritated by so much. Covid "ruining" everything. Keeping the band away for so long. Other shows not working out. The fact these were rescheduled dates and I probably wouldn't have picked these shows...maybe some different shows. Deciding Toronto wasn't going to work with Piper's birthday and my actual workload with Nashville on the horizon. I was just sour.

The universe was listening and it was like...listen up, bitch. We're gonna fuck you up with this show.

If I had to guess an opener, I would've said it was going to be Elderly Woman. Nope, nope and nope. Oceans??? Really??? Wowzas. Knowing the set would start off slow, I was like...alright, Nothingman, I'll take it. But going into Yellow Moon after that? Say WHAT? Followed by Man of the Hour. So freaking good.

My first Gigaton song...Retrograde. Was so good! Started off standing and the band was like...ok let's get the party started. Given to Fly really got the energy going. Then broke into Who Ever Said which kept the set upbeat.

Never ever would've guessed we would get Red Mosquito at this show. Perfecto.

Everything else...solid. I’m Open was yet another surprise…and then into Sad?!? Michael and I heard it on the radio like the day before and he goes, "Wonder if they’ll play that in Hamilton." I was like, "No fucking way."


Black was partially "played to the back" - there was someone holding up a sign asking for such. I thought we'd be done there but Wishlist was played later and completely to the "back."

Set closed out with Porch...and again...was NOT expecting to hear Inside Job. I just melted. AMAZING. I loooooove that song.

Overall, encore, on paper, was sort of standards but it just flowed well and hit all the marks. And closing with Indifference? Will always take that!!!

Really good solid show. A reminder of what this band is capable of. Attitude adjustment for me. Got to rock out in great seats with Rich. Just a good night overall! Looking forward to Nashville!!!

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