August 31st, 2023
Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Setlist. . .
Indifference/Buckle Up/Sometimes/Wishlist/Black/Given to Fly/Mind Your Manners/Why Go/Seven O'Clock/Even Flow/Dance of the Clairvoyants/I'm Open/Insignificance/Daughter/Superblood Wolfmoon/Love Boat Captain/State of Love and Trust/Porch
Encore. . .
Wildflowers/Elderly Woman/Go/Crazy Mary/Alive/Yellow Ledbetter

It certainly felt like the planning for these shows had happened so many many many months before. It was bittersweet: the shows meant fun times (hello, shows!) but it also meant that summer was on the way out. The time had come.

We decided to take the kids with us to Minnesota...since we were also going to the Chicago shows the week after. The kids had already started school but we figured it was not a huge deal to pull them out for a day and a half at the beginning of the schoolyear. The next thing to tackle was...who was going to watch them? There was no way in hell we were bringing them to the shows. First, we don't force our kids to like what we like. While they have certainly heard Pearl Jam's music throughout their life, I sort of take pride in the fact that up until we went on this Pearl Jam adventure with them - they couldn't even name a Pearl Jam song. So anyway, wasn't interested in spending the money to bring them to the shows and then having to hear whining and take 700 bathroom trips. I found someone with reviews on but felt uneasy since it wasn't a word-of-mouth thing.

We stayed a little over 1/2 mile away from the venue (limited by needing two beds that were queen sized for us and the kids). Babysitter arrived at the hotel around 5:30 and then we peaced out to walk to the venue. It was pretty toasty out...arrived at the venue pretty sweaty. Just in time for the doors to open so we could get in line to buy stickers. Everyone else wants basketballs, posters, gym bags...and we waste our time getting stickers. This particular night we had some good conversations with folks in the merch line.

Got our $7 waters and typical venue nachos and made our way to our seats...side stage, Jeff side. Side stage always the best "seats." Rich was on Stone side across from us.

Knew the shows would start much like last tour, seated and slow. Did not anticipate the show would OPEN with Indifference. I am a bit rusty in my PJ stats but I knew this was a rare thing. AMAZING.

And I know I took too damn long to sit down and write this thing but I look at the setlist and it looks pretty decent - nothing "special" but this was a good solid show. Some good gems in there like Insignificance, Love Boat Captain, and State of Love and Trust. I do remember pausing at the show and remembering 2000 and 2003 tours and how the regular standards are now is refreshing!

Wildflowers was really nice...and I honestly still love hearing Elderly Woman live. And while I've taken a much better "stance" on many "annoying" songs I have to admit... I was glad that Crazy Mary came the first night of the tour since I speculated I wouldn't have to hear it again. Sorry, not sorry?

Yellow Ledbetter was great to hear...and then we were like oh crap we need to jet back to the hotel to relieve the babysitter! Good time was had by all!

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