August 20th, 2018
Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

Setlist. . .
Given To Fly/Why Go/Go/Last Exit/Mind Your Manners/Do The Evolution/Rain/Throw Your Hatred Down/Even Flow/U/In My Tree/Immortality/Daughter/Unthought Known/Jeremy/Patriot/Lukin/Porch
Encore. . .
We're Going To Be Friends/Come Back/Corduroy/Black/Lightning Bolt/Rearviewmirror/Smile/Evil Little Goat/Leash/Alive/Baba O'Riley

The days leading up to the Chicago extended weekend showed that weather was not going to be favorable for Monday's show. However, the weather outlook does not tend to be accurate, so most of us just dismissed the rain forecast and hoped for the best. Every day, checked weather outlook, and it didn't change. I think it was the day before when we allowed ourselves to accept that the weather was going to be a clusterfuck. The one thing we were unsure of was the fact that the weather was looking like thunderstorms...right at show time.

History couldn't repeat it self, right?


We were sort of waiting to see if the band would make a call and just cancel. The opposite happened. An email was sent at 9:30 central on Sunday (night before) stating essentially be prepared for rain. You've been warned.

Mike and I had been battling a cold since the day we drove to Chicago and we started the day off knowing we needed cough drops. We headed to Target for the third day in a row (pathetic, right?) and we ended up buying a whole bunch of things to keep us in good standing for a show in the rain. I had brought some things but totally hoped that the forecast would change. It was here. It was real. It was time to really prepare. While I had brought workout clothes with me, I picked up a pair of tights with a cellphone pocket. Got a legit rain coat. Mike also went with some athleisure wear and a raincoat. Thanks Target! We may not have gone nuts buying a ton of merch this tour but we sure did buy ourselves some souvenirs by way of clothes for the show.

We met Rich for some lunch and got blasted with our first taste of the rain while we were out with him. Went back to our AirBNB and got everything ready for show time. Lots of plastic bags with our possessions in them. We walked our flip-flopped feet out to the street and took a Lyft to the venue. The GA line was insane. Insane. I can't believe people slept out on the street after the first show knowing that rain was going to happen and they'd likely not get their same spot. Insanity. We had to walk blocks to get in line. It was a whole different chain of events getting into the venue this time - even though it wasn't raining when doors opened, we were told to line up inside the concourse. 5:30 came and gone and they made everyone with seats still wait outside. It was kind of nice to have the concourse to ourselves. If you wanted merch, you had your pick of all the merch booths. If you wanted food or drink, you had literally no lines. I was going to go find the Grenoughs in line as I heard a Wrigley employee radio "Get to your positions on the floor." They wound up walking us onto the field close to 6:00. We didn't get our same clutch spot as the night prior but we got a spot on the rail behind ADA on Stone's side. The Grenoughs found us. We were ready...

...ready for them to evacuate us. We were watching the radar as the clouds above looked horrendous. Finally, about the time the show was supposed to start, Pete came out and told us we all needed to get off the field. Fuuuuuuck. It really was 2013 all over again. Can I just say..."not fair?"

We were far off to the side of the field anyway, but when we tried to seek shelter as per Pete's instructions, we were at a standstill because a bunch of assholes that knew if they were in a prime spot to get back onto the field and be on the rail. wasn't budging to get back in the concourse. Finally, Pete was able to fix it up for us and they opened up the "backstage" area. As we passed Pete, Chelios was there "guiding" us (but really just looking for people he knew to pull aside.) I couldn't have cared less about being an asshole to get up front. I honestly think if someone waited two days (dumb or not) they deserved to have their spot. I would never take that space. No way. I just wanted to find a good place to set up camp because who knew how long this storm was going to last. We wanted to be somewhat towards the exit but they kept yelling at us to move down so we obeyed...and wound up at a closed concession stand which was nice because we perched on the ledge and didn't have to sit on the floor.

I needed to grabbed poor Britney and we headed towards the bathroom which meant going through all the assholes (ok, some weren't assholes, they really didn't know there were other places they could go.) People were packt like sardines...and so mean. I grabbed Britney's hand and kept telling everyone, "Excuse me, we're just trying to get to the bathroom." I wanted them to know that so they knew I wasn't going to be an asshole and squeeze in where they were. After what seemed like forever, we made it. We both used the restroom and then I figured the best way to get back was to go out the out door...which normally the bathroom attendants wouldn't allow but they knew what was up, so we head out the in and four stupid ass Wrigley employees tell us, "No! You can't come this way." So we go back inside only to realize these bitches were cutting through the bathroom because they thought they could get through the crowd. In retrospect, we should've just waited it out in the bathroom and waited for them to leave and then gone out the in door again.

Anyway, those dumb bitches get out of the bathroom and were flabbergasted by what was going on. I decided we should go behind them because maybe they had gumption and we could get through better. That was a joke, Britney and I left and made our own way. It was terrible, people were assholes. I kept telling people, "You know there is a TON of room if you just move out of here." We had people follow us...because some people just legit didn't know there were places to BREATHE. We made it back and our attempts to get food were foiled so we just chilled. The problem is, from where we were, we didn't hear or see anything so we had no idea they were letting people back on the field. And of course, recipe for disaster, right? People were bored and drinking and aggressive to have a good let's just say that it wasn't a very cordial group where we were at. We eventually moved because the people sucked but we had a good view, not as good as our first spot...but still decent.

We were on the field about 9 and there was no screwing around, that show started very promptly. A fitting opener of Given To Fly. I feel like it began raining a little bit during GTF so hoods/ponchos came up. The whole first set of songs were a total nod to the situation and they were perfect. It was really pouring at spots, too. I remember clapping and every single time I clapped, my hands were splashing water into my face. Because of being prepared, though, I was "dry" and I loved it. It was so cool and magical to see all the rain coming down with the band right in front of us.

We all knew Rain was a possibility. It was great to hear but I feel like it could've come sooner in the set. I'm not the official setlist critic...but even Lightning Bolt would've been better as the first couple of songs. But I'm not EV, so it is what it is.

Throw Your Hatred Down was great to hear. Totally wasn't expecting to hear U...was so fun to hear that and also be near Rich since we don't get to rock out that often anymore.

Immortality was so wonderful to hear. And here comes the critic...songs like Daughter, Jeremy...think we could've done without them in a condensed set. But that's my opinion.

Encore started with Ed GUSHING about Jack White (ugh) and then he played We're Going To Be Friends with revised Cubs lyrics. Pretty cute, even for a person who doesn't love Jack White or the Cubs.

Chelios came out for Come Back honoring Stan Makita. Beautiful to hear...and then to add Ed's request for us to light up our cell phones.

After Rearviewmirror the band left the stage and Ed stopped them...which is what he should've done. Cited limited time, no need to go back (yes! some sense!) and they played Smile.

Evil Little Goat was scratched off the set on Saturday so it was so great to have that thrown in at this show. What fun! Who would think Goat into Leash would happen?!? So good.

Show closed with Baba and it doesn't get much better than that. Everything seemed a little rushed at the end. Some of the repeats day 1 to day 2 could've done without...but it is what it is. And I shouldn't honestly even say that. I am grateful and I'm so glad we got a show. Glad I got to see my friends. Glad it all worked out. Glad we were all safe. So wish I had more shows...but there's always more until next time...

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