September 2nd, 2023
Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Elderly Woman/Off He Goes/Nothing as it Seems/Daughter/Do the Evolution/Last Exit/Once/Who Ever Said/Brain Damage/I Am Mine/Take the Long Way/Even Flow/Severed Hand/In Hiding/Unthought Known/Corduroy/Porch
Encore. . .
I Won't Back Down/Last Kiss/Got Some/Jeremy/Better Man/Alive/Purple Rain

Before tour started, I was annoyed with the one day off between shows. After waking up the day after the first night, I was extremely happy to have a day for my body to rest. Getting old sucks. We told the kids we would go to the Mall of America so there really wasn't much rest on our "off day" but lots of good memories made. We stopped by Cossetta with the kids - I have fond memories of the place before the St. Paul 2014 show. After some gelato we walked over to say "hi" to Rich in the GA line. This is where Rich threw out a Pearl Jam show date and Nate told Rich he was a "nerd."

We used the same babysitter for night 2 and I felt much less anxious about leaving the kids because everything was fine after the first night. Another hot walk to the venue. Stickers. $7 water. Repeat.

Was excited to be back on my favorite side of the venue - Stone side!

Was quite satisfied with the first show...but man, the second night really pulled St. Paul altogether.

The slow set was great - starting with Pendulum...Elderly...Off He Goes and Nothing as it Seems bringing back 2000 tour vibes.

Do the Evolution into Last Exit was great. Brain Damage was a nice surprise and it sounded reallllllly good.

Where I am now in my Pearl Jam journey, I really truly set zero expectations but even so, I didn't think Severed Hand would be thrown at us. And then In Hiding? <3

I Won't Back Down was a great way to kick off the encore. Last Kiss to the back as it should be done...

Mike had pre-performance Purple Rain hate (I think he thinks the band should leave it alone and Prince did it best but I disagree). Josh really does a great job on this song.

And really...that's how this show should've ended. Great combo of the two shows and left me wanting more. Was looking forward to Chicago and not having to worry about rushing back to the hotel to relieve the babysitter...!

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