August 23rd, 2009
United Center
Chicago, Illinois

Main Set...
Long Road/Corduroy/Why Go/Gods' Dice/Dissident/Elderly Woman/Sad/The Fixer/Given To Fly/Happy Birthday/Come Back/Even Flow/Save You/In Hiding/Man Of The Hour/Insignificance/Got Some/Spin The Black Circle
First Encore...
Love Reign O'er Me/Life Wasted/The Real Me/Alive
Second Encore...
The Needle and The Damage Done/Rats/Supersonic/Smile/Rearviewmirror/Yellow Ledbetter

I was most excited and looking forward to the Chicago show because for some crazy reason, my sister decided she would go. Shortly before the show, too, Aaron decided he would go, too. I know they weren't going for MY sake, but it really excites me when people in my family or "everyday" life witness the thing that drives so much of my own life. Because I think when you see it firsthand, you kind of can say, "Ok, this may not be for me, but I think I get why YOU love this so much."

Anyway, Mike and I had driven in from Detroit that morning because I had my 10 year high school reunion the night before. Saying that the my long weekend was busy was sort of an understatement. We went straight to the venue to get my tickets (23rd row in the center :-( I was just sad because I knew my sister wouldn't get to see much. I can rock out regardless of whether or not I can see the band even though I'd much prefer to SEE the band). Picked up Gennifer...and went to Veggie Bites. I was sad because they were out of my fav (Chix Free Nuggets). I settled for the Buffalo Chixen sandwich. Slathered it in the BBQ sauce (mmmm best BBQ sauce EVER). I was ready for the rock show, mmm hmm.

My sister had no idea Bad Religion was once she found that out, she was much more geeked about the show. I think she ended up having a good time, though I think her complaint was that they didn't play enough old stuff (in other words: the stuff she knew). My sister "hates" Pearl Jam...and we stopped sharing a room probably around the Yield she wouldn't be familiar with anything post-Yield.

For someone who actually looooves Pearl Jam, I think this was a great show. Some very solid performances. Kind of an emotional show as you think about it...Jeff having the crowd sing Happy Birthday to a friend that had died this summer...Eddie singing The Needle and the Damage Done for Michael Jackson and then going into Rats.

For me, highlights included Dissident. I wish the crowd loved this song as much as I do...though maybe I'm telling myself they do because it seemed like the crowd at this show enjoyed it more than any other crowd in my recent history of seeing this song live. Come Back was great (I do love this song)...and The Who covers...Love Reign O'er Me and The Real Me. It's refreshing not to hear the same old covers they've been playing for years. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em...but it is nice to hear stuff I haven't heard a bajillion times already.

I was quite satisfied with this show...and Long Road was such a wonderful song to open (forgot to mention it) ears welcomed that song, hells yeah...

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