August 21st, 2009
Molson Amphitheatre
Toronto, Ontario

"Pearl Jam" Pre-Set...
Ed: The Needle and the Damage Done/Sugar Mountain
Mike: Song One/Song Two (Greatest Waterfall?)
Stone: Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
Ed & Jeff: Bee Girl
Main Set...
Of the Girl/Corduroy/Severed Hand/Why Go/Brain of J/I Am Mine/The Fixer/Given to Fly/Off He Goes/Even Flow/Unemployable/Faithfull/Down/Got Some/Half Full/Lukin/Not For You/Do the Evolution
First Encore...
Inside Job/Wishlist/Black/Alive
Second Encore...
Elderly Woman/Wasted Reprise/Better Man/Porch/Rockin' in the Free World

The weather was PERFECT for an outdoor show in Canadialand. I had zero expectations for any of the August shows. In fact, when they started playing Inside Job at encore...I was like, "HELL YEAH!" Thrilled they played it, but not even expecting it at all. It's kind of nice to go in with no expectations. It's not like I purposely went into the show that way...I've just gotten to the point with the PJ show experience where I'll take whatever they'll give me and I'll be satisfied one way or another.

We had heard it was actually surprising to hear everything played at soundcheck get played during the show. Um, especially Brain of J (I'll take that ANY day).

I was never a The Fixer hater...but it sounds GREAT live. And Got Some? Ten million times better live than it was on Conan.

This was a really good, solid show. I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. I think I was more disappointed in the chicks that wouldn't switch seats with me and Mike so Dan, Lynn, Baker and Trevor could all sit together...but what you gonna do?

Ah yes, and the opening debacle. Ted Leo was supposed to open but apparently forgot his passport. I heard Ted Leo last summer. I was not sad at ALL about him not showing up. While the Pearl Jam opening may not have been was still so much better than any opening band playing. Just give me some Pearl Jam, and I'll be happy. The only thing that could've made the opening act better is if Stone wasn't such a pansy. Hello? McCready played two songs and Stone could barely perform one? Please. Hang up your dress, Mr. Gossard, and rock out with us, yo.

After the show, we all drove back to my place. It was kind of difficult for everyone to stay awake (except for maybe Lynn, I think her Rockstar Energy Drink did its job). I was so tired, I was able to fall asleep multiple times even though I was riding bitch. Got back in Detroit around 4:30/5:00am...

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