August 24th, 2009
United Center
Chicago, Illinois

Main Set...
Hard to Imagine/Corduroy/In My Tree/Last Exit/All Night/Nothingman/The Fixer/Even Flow/Present Tense/Whipping/Not For You/Daughter/Brother/Gone/Got Some/Do The Evolution/Alive
First Encore...
No More/Comatose/Grievance/Black/The Real Me/Porch
Second Encore...
Wasted Reprise/Better Man/Crazy Mary/State of Love and Trust/Fuckin' Up/Yellow Ledbetter

While of course, I never want a run of Pearl Jam shows to end, I wasn't happy about this being "the end" but I wasn't super sad, either...knowing that in October the four Philly shows would rock my world.

Prior to the show, Rich, Mike and I met up with the Jersey crew to eat some Giordano's. I would say Giordano's makes the best Chicago deep dish. The sauce is yummy...I dunno. They get my vote. It was a good meal, I'll give it that.

I won the lottery for this show...though I called it the "baby lottery" because it wasn't 1st or 2nd row. A part of me was sad that I won the lottery the night before instead of this then my sister could've been closer. Oh well. A part of me also ended up being a bit sad because I think my sister would've enjoyed this show more than the first night...but again, oh well. I guess it was fitting to win the lottery for my 75th show. I never feel like I've seen enough shows and I always feel like everyone's seen more shows than I have...but I did have to stop a few times when I said it in my head. I mean, 75?!? 75 times?!? That's kind of crazy. Not as impressive as some others...but still, that's a lot of freaking Pearl Jam shows. Haha, and not to mention, a lot of freaking money...

I did not watch Bad Religion this night...wasn't so interested. Spent the entire time in the concourse. I'm sure I had a better time there. Show opened with Hard to Imagine...I'll never complain when a show opens with my favorite song. Shit, they could open with that song every show going forward and I think I'd be content with that!

Got to hear Brother. Call me a "hater" but I think it's just a tad too late to pull this song out. Maybe I feel more bitter about it because I hate the "sister" line. I get very stuck in versions of songs that circulate for years...and then get pissed when the band thinks there's a better version (but in my eyes its not). Anyway, there is nothing wrong with sounds great. I'm just stupid.

Fuckin' Up was hilarious because McCready and Jeff switched their instruments. Jeff ain't a big guy...but McCready looks insanely small holding Jeff's bass. It was pretty comical to watch. Obviously they were all happy and a happy band makes for a good show. Yep.

So the show ended...and I was not entirely too upset because I had more shows to look forward to. Not entirely true, though, because it is always hard going back to "reality"...especially because the "reality" in your heart is being in the road. Haha, sometimes I feel like an impostor when I get back to work. It just sucked that Wednesday when I was at work and kept responding to people by saying, "Got some if you need it..." and they didn't get the reference.

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