August 22nd, 2016
Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

Setlist. . .
Oceans/Footsteps/Off He Goes/Better Man/Corduroy/State of Love and Trust/Why Go/Animal/Given to Fly/Immortality/Black Red Yellow/ Deep/Jeremy/I Am Mine/Wishlist/Of the Earth/Lukin/Mind Your Manners/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Throw Your Arms Around Me/Man of the Hour/Last Kiss/Got Some/Comatose/Even Flow/Don't Gimme No Lip/Sonic Reducer/Blood
Encore 2. . .
Crazy Mary/Surrender/Alive/All the Way/Time Has Come Today/Rockin' in the Free World/Yellow Ledbetter/I Got A Feeling

After a great show on Saturday and a really splendid off day spent at a White Sox game and a vegan wine & cheese party, we were rested up and ready to rock out for the Monday show. We all had a good feeling as many people opted to not attend the Monday show because of the day of the week it fell on (while it was sold out, there were plenty of extras floating around in the days leading up.) The first night was such a good show...but it just felt like the second night was going to be better.

Mike and I spent the morning at a snail's pace. We woke pretty early and spent a good chunk of time people watching at Starbucks in the neighborhood. Visited the new Target. Mike got a haircut. We watched a Pink Floyd special on Axis and watched some Teen Mom OG. Who could ask for a better morning? Oh, and the weather was PERFECT.

We made plans to meet Rob and Jess at Chicago Diner at 1. We left a little early thinking we would go to the stadium first to get tickets and then we actually ran into Rob. Decided to run an errand first and went straight to the diner where Mike and Rob may have finished their shakes in record time. We had an amazing meal, as to be expected. Went and hung out at the "Real World" for a little bit, went to pick up our tickets and as we were walking back, we ran into Baker and Bob at Murphy's. Then Rich appeared. And then Jess with the Morriseys. They say timing is everything...

We hung out at Murphy's for a little and then headed to the Real World and chilled there until it was time to go in. Bob, Baker, Mike and I all had GA for this show but none of us were willing to sleep on sidewalks or spend an entire day in line. The GA line was redonkulous. We found our way and by the time we got into GA, it was pretty filled up at the center but we saw a section on Stone's side near the VIP that ran perpendicular to the stage...and it was all open so we staked our claim. We were so jazzed. Then Jess and the Morriseys joined us. To be able to rock out with multiple [old] friends is a rarity these days so it was pretty darn cool. We did have some people sneak into our area which was pretty annoying. It started with two people and they ended up bringing what felt like 20 people with them. Was a bit of a nuisance especially since the original dude really encroached on my space during the show and also had to try to get to Ed anytime Ed came near the stage.

Before you knew it, it was time for the show to begin. They came out to some weird tribal/Native American music. Blackhawks? Great way to start...Oceans...yummy, yummy. None of us would've guess that Footsteps would come next! Oh, and at some point (before Footsteps?) Ed sang some of Summertime Rolls. Nice throwback. Nice, nice throwback.

Off He Goes led us into Better Man...and a great Corduroy! We had talked about the possibility of it was time to smirk a little when State of Love and Trust started. Animal was another one we talked about being played in advance of the show as well.

Missed hearing Given to Fly the first it was welcomed greatly [in my mind] at this show. We were all so psyched for Immortality! And of course my husband had to "Baba Booey" after the song was done...

Next came the inevitable - as Ninell had given a heads up on Facebook that Dennis was on her plane to Chicago...
Can't help but hold your breath if you know he's in the building and what may transpire. I will take Black Red Yellow anyday (though I missed the Stranglehold medley in the middle ala Detroit 2014. At the point where Dennis' answering machine recording comes in during the studio version, Dennis came out shouting something about "where are you?" Ultimately, Dennis held little tiny Ed as he sang a good portion of the rest of the song...and then he left the stage (come on, hold-your-breath-Dallas-98.)

Jeremy two in a row - weird! I Am Mine was good to hear but not as good to hear as Of the Earth (woo!)

Everyone was into Lukin and I don't even recall any lyric flubs but then Ed starts putting a kibosh on the song. Some guy was being a complete jerk to a woman in the crowd and Ed saw it going down. He kicked his ass out. The GA section participated in a few go-arounds of "Nananana nananana hey hey hey good-bye!" It was classic. As the jerkface was escorted out by security. His friend followed him shortly thereafter with a walk of shame. Pathetic. Then Ed started Lukin back up where he left off. It was SO appropriate that the next song was Mind Your Manners...found it funny it wasn't added to the set, it was always on the set. Timing was impeccable.

Set closed out with Rearviewmirror.

Now here comes my interruption with a rant of being annoyed with people who bring their kids to shows to get use them to get tamborines (tambos.) This guy by us brought his kids (girl and boy, 11 and 7) with him. They seemed into it but before second encore, the younger kid was really tired. He was spent. It was definitely implied that he needed to buck up so he could get a tambo. At some point during the encore, their friend brought them water and the dad told them not to drink a lot so they didn't have to go to the bathroom (!!!) Eventually, the son got a tambo after the dad pretty much woke him from his slumber on the ground and lifted him up on his shoulders. Once they got that tambo, they hightailed it out of there. Parents: don't bring your kids to shows. Quit being f'n lame, trying to get Ed's attention by whoring your kids out. Going to a Pearl Jam show and enjoying it would have a profound impact on a kid...even if they didn't get a tambo. Anyway, stop being a lamer. Leave the kids at home, don't bring them to the front of GA.

I never would've expected Ed to come out at first encore and play Throw Your Arms Around Me (swoon!) So beautiful and perfect for the evening. Man of the Hour followed (fantastic) and Last Kiss didn't even bother me in the slightest! Maybe it was that the schtick factor was gone - no playing to the back!

Band rocked us for a few more --- Got Some, Comatose and Even Flow. The best was after Even Flow, prior to Lip where there was some banter with Ed and Stone. So many great things were said, but come on, Stone called out Ed by exclaiming, "Let's hear it for Jesus Christ!" LOL. OMG. He really did say that!

Don't Gimme No Lip...woo!!!

The first encore couldn't have been more perfect with it closing out with a kickass Sonic Reducer and f'n Blood!

Second encore started kind of "meh" - Crazy Mary and a repeat of Surrender. Another All the Way (as to be expected, where else should you play this song?) TIme Has Come Today was really cool and unexpected!

Rockin' in the Free World led to not only the tambo throwing but baseball throwing, too!

Didn't feel ready for Ledbetter and when it finished, it just didn't feel right. But they end on Ledbetter...bum deal...
But wait!
There's more!
Freaking I Got A Feeling! So fantastic!

This was one of those shows that you were! This was so good! The first show was so good, but I don't even know how anyone could say it was better (LOL even with two of my favorite songs being played at night 1!)

None of us wanted to say good-bye. It was such a stupendous long weekend. These shows couldn't have been better. As we have gotten older, the immediate sadness isn't there like it used to be when "tour ends" because responsibilities have really changed the way "tour" works for us. I think we see it for what it is...and these shows were an unbelievably great can't help but feel anything but grateful.

Peace and love, peace and love.

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