August 20th, 2016
Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

Setlist. . .
Lowlight/Release/Rain/Elderly Woman/Do The Evolution/Last Exit/Lightning Bolt/Sad/Amongst the Waves/Even Flow/Light Years/I Got Shit/Mind Your Manners/Unthought Known/Masters of War/Patriot/Daughter/Jeremy/Better Man
Encore 1. . .
Bee Girl/Just Breathe/I Believe In Miracles/Let Me Sleep/Inside Job/Comfortably Numb/Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Encore 3. . .
All The Way/Baba O'Riley

Quite honestly, when they announced the Wrigley shows I was grateful for a "do-over." Last time around, I was 7 weeks pregnant, miserable. The heat and then the weather we all built it up to be "OMG the best ever." It was good. It was memorable, that's for sure.

My perspective has changed through the years of following this band - as it should as I am approaching my 20th year of doing so - I am 100% there to have a good time. I'm not at these shows to complain. I'm not there to have wishlists in my head of songs I want to hear. I want to hear everything and anything (ok, maybe not full band Sleeping By Myself, but whatevs.)

With that said, I was so looking forward to a long weekend in Chicago. A "second city" for me for sure based on my bazillion visits to see Mike, Tyler and my well as the many Pearl Jam shows I have seen in the area as well. Even though Mike and I had a weekend away from the kids to go to the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami shows, that time was not especially relaxing. It was quick. It was great. But it wasn't a vacation, really. The night before Wrigley as we were dealing with the kids we were both wondering out loud why in the world we didn't leave on Friday instead of Saturday --- it was then quite obvious how much we needed a break!

We got into Chicago around lunch time and went straight to Wrigley to pick up tickets. It was quite apparent how many fan club tickets were distributed by how many windows were dedicated to fan club and how many people were waiting. As for merch, I have no idea because I wasn't touching that hot mess with a ten foot pole. Had to wait a little bit in the A-BL line for our tickets but after awhile it started plugging along great. Was happy to see that indeed it was similar to last go-around and we had field tickets. Section R, row 5. Immediately I had to see if I had taken a picture and uploaded my ticket stub (I'm quite the slacker on that front) and I indeed had --- I had remembered being so much farther back in 2013 and indeed I was. That got me super pumped!

We went to go check into our AirBNB after we got the tickets and then scooted off to go meet Rob and some other folks at the Chicago Diner. I was embarrassed to admit that the last time I ate there was before the last Wrigley show. When we get out to the burbs of Chicago, now with the kids, there's no time to ever make it into the city. I was so thrilled to stuff my gut with that food and that familiar feeling of being overstuffed was realized. Chicago Diner - best pre-show grub, period.

We walked over to Rob's place and chilled out there for awhile. TJ and Britney arrived just before soundcheck. Was great to hear that out on the porch - all I cared about was Amongst the Waves. Swoon. I'll thank Rob for this as he gifted me an Amongst the Waves sticker an hour or so prior - he was obviously feeling the vibe. Was able to go stop and say "hi" to Rich and Marcia three hot seconds before GA was let in and also bumped into Baker, Mrs. Baker, Bob and Jeremy. We headed back to Rob's place and hung out for a little bit and no sooner had we decided to head into the venue, it started to down pour. We tried to get back into Rob's place but we couldn't, so we pathetically stood under a tree...noting about what a wonderful memory this would be later. Once the rain subsided, we headed into Wrigley. We made our way to our seats and noticed that the merch tent was pretty tame so Brit and I got suckered into waiting. Mike really wanted the flag... so since I'm such a good wife, I waited. Of course, I didn't stop with the flag, I had to get Piper a onesie and of course had to get some stickers and a pack of cards. Sucker.

Eventually we got closer to show time and spotted some additional friends on the field (Dan, Jimmy.) Our area was super enthused about the show - which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Punters? Drunkards? Or legits? They ended being somewhat tipsy but were pretty legit. Peeps were rocking out and I seriously couldn't ask for more around me at a show.

Show opened with Lowlight - heart! It was perfect with the weather and the day we had...and day one! Hello! But then...Release?!? We were all SO READY for Release. The crowd sang so loud. I got emotional and that was a moment where you were like, "Yes! This is why I am here! Punter? Drunkard? Who cares?!? I feel the love and we are all in this together." It was really amazing.

Big surprise, for me, came next. Rain! I love their cover...and I have never had the pleasure to see it live. I was so happy!

Elderly Woman led us into Do The Evolution - was fun and entertaining to see Rich rocking out on the rail. As he would say, "I like what you're doing!"

Last Exit was great to hear...Lightning Bolt had me reminiscing to 2013 when we all heard it live for the first time at Wrigley...I felt it was so weak. I love it to pieces now, so I had my own little chuckle-fest in my head. Sad, which was soundchecked, came next...and then! Amongst the Waves...and I was so happy that it was a great version (aka no lyric flubs!)

Ed took some time before Light Years to talk about the Tragically Hip and Gord Downie. It was really nice and humbling.

Unthought Known took me back to Wrigley in 2013 as well. Just being out in the open air, under the stars (or just the sky) - the best way to hear Unthought Known in my opinion.

Just like Fenway, we got slow Masters of War and fast Patriot...which led us into a great Daughter tag..."People leave your guns at home." Amen(t).

Jeremy and Better Man closed out the set. During Better Man, Ed called out a woman on the rail with an "Unfuckwithable" shirt. Well, not after he called out a guy for wearing a Whitesnake shirt - haha.

Jeff came out with encore with Ed so it was quite obvious Bee Girl was coming our way. Then Ed helped create a moment on stage for a member of the military and his girlfriend during Just Breathe where a proposal happened right on stage. You couldn't help getting a little teary-eyed there. They were way into each other on the stage during the song........

I Believe In Miracles sounded great, as did Let Me Sleep though it still confuses me (ala Toronto.)

The next moment...
You talk about emotions. It seemed to be the theme for the night, but when I saw McCready with his double neck guitar, I lost my shit. Inside Job is one of my favorite songs. I haven't seen it live since the Philly shows (almost SEVEN years ago!!!) But then insert Steve Gleason in there...
Again, a humbling moment. I had just seen the Steve Gleason movie while in Seattle and have been thinking a lot about him since. I am so happy he was there. I'm so happy Inside Job is his favorite and I'm so happy he's "feeling fucking awesome."

Comfortably Numb was enough crowd-belter...and that might've been the first time I noticed the almost full moon. Love.

Interstellar into Corduroy always always always great to hear! And a great Porch closed out the set.

Second encore opened with Go (appropriately) into Black, Surrender and Alive.

Most people thought that was "it"...but Ed came out and did All The Way...Cubs fan or not, the updated video in the background showing Ernie Banks with Ed from the last Wrigley show was a tear jerker. And the show ended with Baba O'Riley. Hard to believe a second show was to follow!!! So so good!!!

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