August 18th, 2018
Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

Setlist. . .
Wash/Low Light/Elderly Woman/Breakerfall/Corduroy/Hail, Hail/Animal/Getaway/Leaving Here/Present Tense/Even Flow/Missing/Garden/Not For You/Can't Deny Me/Wishlist/I Won't Back Down/Porch
Encore 1. . .
Just Breathe/Sleeping By Myself/Footsteps/State of Love and Trust/Breath/Know Your Rights/Do The Evolution/Alone/Rearviewmirror
Encore 2. . .
Rebel Rebel/Better Man/Alive/Rockin' in the Free World/Yellow Ledbetter

It had been FAR too long seeing this band. We technically saw them at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in April in 2017, but our last proper show was at Wrigley in 2016. That just ain't right...!

So much had changed at Wrigley in two years, but all the changes seemed positive. One thing that was different was how insane and blown up this event seemed. It was a big deal the last two times but with all the changes around the stadium, it just seemed way more amplified. It was my first time in the three times of seeing them at Wrigley to really feel how big these shows are...on a scale. Big stadium shows.

We scoped out the merch situation earlier in the day and immediately walked past because it was insane. Wrigley 2013 was the first like "WTF Merch" has only gotten worse and I don't know how it's possible. Definitely has continued to solidify my decision to not get caught up in that hoopla. We knew there was only one way to get in with GA tickets (last time we had a smooth way of getting in) - so we went to get in the GA line right after the doors opened. We went to get in this crazy maze and by the time we got to where we needed to enter, it was moving fast enough that we really didn't even need to get to the end of the line. We would've gotten in smoothly if I pulled up the tickets for the 1st night instead of the 2nd night. Oops.

Once we were in, we went straight to the field and Stone side and got ourself in a similar position as night 2 of Wrigley 16 but this time we were closer to the front. Great view and ended up being a pretty chill group of people around us and you can't ask for anything more.

The sun was hot and crazy, though. It was a blessing when it fell behind the ballpark.

Wasn't expecting the show to begin with Wash but it was a great way to kick off two shows. I hoped that the Wash performance would push off the rain predicted for the Monday night show - and I'm sure Ed was hoping for the same.

Wash led us into Low Light and right into Elderly Woman. This is when I started communicating with my sister who lives right outside of Wrigley. She was listening to the show on her porch. I would give her updates throughout the night because she couldn't hear what Ed was saying when he would talk.

Breakerfall was fantastic to hear! This is where it kicked off and just BURNED. Corduroy? Hail, Hail? Animal? Whew! At some point Ed commented about hot it was (and how he wasn't even wearing underwear...) It really was hot as was a beautiful night but damn! The heat was brought on by the music and energy.

Even though we knew of the soundcheck (that we lamely listened to in our Air BNB because we were too tired to walk to the stadium the night before) I was still THRILLED to hear Getaway, still one of my favs off Lightning Bolt. Following Getaway, Ed talked about some incidents at the Foo Fighters Wrigley show and treating women poorly and bam! Leaving Here! So fun to hear this early on in a set. Oooooooh yeah!

Then there's always the moment when Ed noticed a fan's sign that said, "Play Black, Red, Yellow You Evanston Pussy!" hahah priceless. Definitely got Ed's attention.

Present Tense was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. I was rocking out, everyone was rocking out and enjoying life. Missing was a bit of the pause in the set. People were unfamiliar and those that aren't, honestly, aren't really into it. I still think it's a nice nod. Chris <3

Garden was superb. Lots of crowd singing and they just sounded great. Everything was great and then it really became magic when Ed brought out a guitar that Tom Petty gave him a guitar that he has never played on stage before. He asked for us to hold our cellphone lights up while he played a great version of I Won't Back Down. It was amazing to look around see the lights and everyone belting out the lyrics. A beautiful tribute.

Set ended with a kickass Porch. And I was, I'm tired and old. I've been moving a lot. Damn it's hot. Thank goodness these security guards are bringing us water.

We got a bit of a breather with the beginning of the first encore, starting with Just Breathe. Everyone's favorite (insert sarcasm here) Sleeping By Myself was next but Britney and I made the best of it by really yolking it up and dancing to this terrible song. Footsteps was wonderful. State of Love and Trust was rocking and our side was feeling the love with Ed coming over to the ADA section next to us and singing to the crowd and then coming over to our section. OMG EddiiiiiieeeEEE! State ends and bam! Breath! I remember thinking, "Man we are so lucky! We are so lucky for these two kickass songs in a row, we are so lucky for this band. We are so lucky to be here!" I just felt grateful.

Then...Know Your Rights came next. I used this as a moment of reflection. Cause I don't love the song. Didn't like it back in 2003. Then I was like...2003. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. And I've been seeing this band longer than that. Back to being grateful and fortunate and all the things. Thanks Pearl Jam!

Great three songs to finish out the encore, Do The Evolution, Alone(!!!) and Rearviewmirror.

If I felt like my body was sucking at end of the main set, that was a joke, because my body was literally falling apart at Rearviewmirror...wah.

Thought for sure the 2nd encore was going to be All The Way but we were pleasantly surprised by Rebel Rebel by David Bowie. It was so fun and just...awesome! Better Man, Alive, RITFW and Yellow Ledbetter closed us out. Great show. Saw some more friends at the end of the show and literally hobbled back to our AirBNB after stopping for some pizza and baked goods. Amazing, amazing time. So lucky!

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