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Ed @ the Nader Rally
October 10th, 2000
UIC Pavillion: Chicago, Illinois

Ed Solo Acoustic Set...
I Am A Patriot, The Times They Are A-Changin'

    Vader? The night before the Detroit show was when the announced that Ed was going to be at the Chicago Rally...and I was so excited about the Detroit show. Finally, when everyone was settled down on the floor in my room (Ryan, Sarah, Carolina, and Erin) and I lay in my nice bed, I mentioned something about the "Vader Rally" without even knowing it. So now, I affectionately call the Nader performance the "Vader Rally" it, now?
    We slept in so late after the Chicago show. I needed it since I was sick...but Ryan and Carolina really needed it as well. We departed Carolina's mom's friend's mom's house (whew!) to find the UIC Pavillion. After a little bit of an embarrassing situation (LOL), we got there. Saw Florence...but that was like it...eventually we got up and were going to eat and we saw Chuck and Rich and they directed us towards food. Now, I was a complete moron. I wore my brand new boots with three inch heels that I was walking around the University of Illinois campus in shoes that were KILLING my feet...but I'm a soldier and I survived.
    We ate, went back to wait in line...there were more people there now...I was sitting and talking to everyone and then looked over and saw one of my old best friends from elementry school and junior high sitting right there! Talk about small world! It was so nice seeing her!
    The doors opened not soon after and all us Pearl Jam nuts...used to being at Pearl Jam concerts RUN to the stage and workers shout, "No running!" but no one listens. Everyone that was cool snagged the first rows availible (basically the 3rd and 4th rows). It was nice to finally all sit together and enjoy something Pearl Jam related together.
    We sat through a lot of interesting music...but we were all getting antsy...waiting for the Veddster...
    Michael Moore introduced him and he strode onstage with his acoustic guitar...pretty sure he was going to pop out a little Patriot (dude, my third time seeing it!) and he did. Very, very nice version! He was awfully chatty, but since the soundsystem was not some multi-gabazillion dollar system that deciphers Ed's mumblings like Pearl Jam's (ha-ha, I crack myself up!) I could hardly understand a damn thing he said (and still can't even on the video!)!!!
    Rich let me in on a little secret...that The Times They Are A-Changin' was heard during a quiet we all pretty much speculated it was going to be played. It was...and it was beautiful! It was really a shame so many friends had to miss this performance because it was so intimate and great...lights drunks...all of us friends/fans up was great!
    Now, we all wished Ed could have stayed on longer...but reality's a Nader Super Rally, Ed's not the we allowed him to sneak away without too much of a hassle;-) Michael Moore saluted Ed's mom who sat in the 2nd row and smiled and waved to everyone :-) It was very cute. We also spotted a little Stone to the side of the stage...very nice support Stonewall;-)
    Now the main event...Nader...excellent speaker...and so much of what he said made sense...BUT...this isn't a political write-up, just a musical off I go...


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