three fish or graduation...touch choice...

Three Fish
June 4, 1999
The Shelter: Detroit, Michigan

    When I first heard Three Fish was touring, I was thrilled! The first thing that popped into my head was, "Please do not play Detroit during the first two weeks of July!" See...last time Three Fish toured and played Detroit in 1996, they played during the first two week of July...first two weeks of July is GM shutdown time, aka time for the Gates family vacation. So against my will, I missed the Three Fish at the 7th House in 1996. I vowed I would never miss this band live the next time they played Detroit...Three Fish is one of my favorite bands!
    The day that the tentative tour dates were announced, I was working...I check Synergy everyday for updates...and so at work, I stumbled across the tour dates. I was thrilled! The tentative date for Detroit was June 3rd or 4th...alright! I could make it. I remember thinking, "But wait...why does June 4th stick out so much." Duh. Graduation day. This is when a lot of hoping took place..."Please play the 3rd...please play the 3rd...please play the 3rd..." My bosses were entertained by my panic...and weirded out that I would actually consider skipping my graduation for a concert.
    Well then, it happened. The tentative date was no longer. They chose June 4th. Great. There went my plans of seeing Three Fish.
    Days went went on after the tickets went on sale...and my mom took it upon herself to decide that "There is no way in hell you are missing that concert. You are going. I do not care if you only make it for one song...we are going." That was that. She bought tickets...plan was...we were going to jet as fast as we possibly could after graduation.

The day arrives...

    The doors for Three Fish were to open at 6:00. Graduation started at 7:30. I asked at the graduation rehearsal how long they estimated the ceremony would take. I was told one and a half hours...last year's was one hour. Whew. I thought we could make it.
    The plan was, the whole family took one car to graduation, but we had my car ready to go for the show. My mom, fake brother, Dave, and I were going as we were dressed for graduation. Mom in a dress...Dave in dress in my cap and gown!
    During the entire ceremony, I was antsy..."Ohmigosh, what time is it?"...did not have a watch one because the watch I wear is not appropriate for graduation...big and bulky:-) Anyhow...the ceremony ended around 8:45...pretty good timing. We all ran to the car, drove home, jumped into my car and jetted to Detroit.
    We parked my car, ran into the Shelter...meanwhile, we were getting very funny looks because I was still in my cap and gown(I refused to take off my cap because I looked like I belonged in a church choir...kind of like the M.C. Hammer "Pray" video...haha). Finally got into the Shelter after waiting for someone to find a marker so they could mark an "X" on my hand (don't you think the cap and gown gave away the fact that I was underage...?) one was on stage. Woo hoo! I made it before Three Fish's set!!!
    Prior to Three Fish's set, talked to some people I knew from trading and stuff...and tried to catch my breath... :-)
    Three Fish's show was amazing...I have to say, I disagree with Robbi's comment after the show, he said it was not a good show...but I was amazed! I am not sure of a setlist mind was mucked up...well sorta IS mucked up...not only did I have graduation prior to the concert, but I had the senior all-night party to attend after the Three Fish show! Insanity, eh?
    During one point in the show, Robbi looked at me weird and was like, "Why are you dressed like that?" (I got asked that a lot that night) I said, "I graduated tonight." He said, "Wow! Congratulations" and personally applauded me:-)
    I believe they shortened their part...I some rude drunk people that insisted on talking very loud...Robbi at one point tried to quiet them, but they just did not get the point. From what I saw of the setlist, there were four songs for the encore, but they only played one or two...can not remember if it was one or two:-)
    At the end of the show, Jeff hung around the "backstage" area and signed some autographs and took some pictures, but he did not do that for long and I did not get a chance to take my ... turn...
    Robbi then came out and signed some I approached him and we talked about me graduating and he asked what I was going into and congratulated me again. I asked him to sign my cap...and he was his awesome accent, "Are you suuuuuure?" I told him I was...he gave me a look and still was unsure... I convinced him to sign it, but he would only write on the top button of the cap...oh well:-) He wrote, "To Jessica Shine On Robbi"...

    Since it was graduation night, my mom had a camera on are some of the pictures I snapped...and the scan job is not the greatest...but oh well...I still can not figure out this "new" scanner that we've had since like..September of '98...

Picture of Jeff

Picture of Robbi

Picture of Jeff playing "shoeless"

Picture of Jeff and Richard

Another Picture of Jeff

Action shot of Robbi

Whole band shot

Back picture of Jeff

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