Boise Ticket

"Potatoes and Pearl Jam"
November 3rd, 2000
Idaho Center: Nampa, Idaho

Main Set...
Of the Girl, Go, Corduroy, Grievance, Last Exit, Tremor Christ, Elderly Woman, Insignificance, Animal, Nothing As It Seems, I Got Shit, Romanza, Better Man, Even Flow, Daughter, Light Years, Jeremy, Given to Fly, Rearviewmirror
First Encore...
Don't Be Shy, Black, Crazy Mary, Do the Evolution, Spin the Black Circle, State of Love and Trust, Parting Ways
Second Encore...
Rockin' In the Free World

   Instead of "Potatoes and Pearl Jam" I should call this "No Sleep 'til Pearl Jam" since I really didn't have any in me. Bowman, Carolina, and I headed to the Seattle airport immediately following the Portland show and intended on "sleeping" there since our flight was at like 6 am anyways. Haha sleeping in airport chairs is NO FUN. We maybe got an hour at most of real sleep that "night." The best was when I thought it was 5 am...and I woke Carolina and Bowman up, "Come on guys, it's 5...let's go check in!" And like three seconds after Carolina and I gather up our shit, Ryan's like, "Jess, it's only 4." Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. So...of course, 5 reached us...and we waited to board our plane. Carolina and Ryan conked right on out...but for some reason, I couldn't sleep...after I saw the mountains outside the plane window. You know...I remember taking a picture now...and I guess the damn THING didn't turn out. It was incredible. As you all may know, there are no mountains in the Detroit area;-)
   When we flew into Boise, yet again, I was the only one awake, and I couldn't help thinking, "You have got to be kidding me!" The city was so pathetic! It's like every house had a potato farm in it's backyard! I thought the midwest was flat...damn! I mean, in the distance, there were mountains...but the area consisted of like no tall buildings. It was weird! So we landed, and we had to wait for Protzel's flight to arrive like an hour and half Ryan and Carolina found McDonald's and had breakfast, and I found a TCBY that was serving yogurt at like 8am and had some for breakfast because I am weird like that.
   Protzel's flight (Portland to Boise) was packed with the Pearl Jammy crowd. We then went and rented a car and got a hotel room. We washed up and then ran some errands and then headed to the Idaho Center where all the driving people were there to greet us...I mean make fun of our wimpiness;-)
   The Idaho Center was on top a hill...and there was a decent amount of fan club members waiting for their tickets. It was pretty chilly...and I kept trying to find a warm spot in the such luck for me:-) By the time we would have to enter the doors to get in, we were all freezing our asses off...thanks to daylight savings time since the sun was long gone.
   I was so beat by the time Supergrass hit the stage. I fell dead asleep. Like I had fallen asleep during Sonic Youth for the first night in Philly...BUT...I was waaaaaaaaay sleeping for Supergrass. Like I fell asleep twice and thought I was dreaming about music being on the radio...I'd wake up and be scared because I really did not know where I was.
   This show was really a secret wishlist show for me. They opened with Of the all time favorite Binaural opener. Last Exit into Tremor kickass is that?!? I got to hear Don't By Shy...which really depressed me when I was back at home when it was played for the first time.
   Our seats really kinda sucked, so in-between the encore and main set, Carolina and I moved to the side of the stage where there were a bunch of empty seats. Was a really kickass view (as you can tell from my pics...).
   One of the coolest things was Ed really emphasizing in Spin the Black Circle "I fuckin' HATE CDS!!!" :-) I really wanted to hear Parting Ways one more time before the tour ended, so I was thrilled for them to play it in Boise.
   The ultimate was...ROCKIN' IN THE FRICKEN FREE WORLD! That was only the 2nd time I had ever seen it...and I so desperately wanted to see it again!!! Thank goodness Pearl Jam loves me so much;-)

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