Portland Ticket

"Back In The Swing Of Things"
November 2nd, 2000
Rose Garden: Portland, Oregon

Main Set...
Sometimes, Grievance, Corduroy, Go, Hail, Hail, Dissident, Evacuation, Wishlist, Better Man, Given to Fly, State of Love and Trust, Untitled, MFC, Habit, Thin Air, Even Flow, Black, Insignificance, Porch
First Encore...
Soon Forget, Do the Evolution, Leatherman, Nothingman, Elderly Woman, Improv, Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
Fuckin' Up

   I flew into Seattle the day before the Portland show so I could drive into Portland with Bowman. My flight arrived in Seattle at like 10:45 pm or some bull like that...so that was like close to 2 in the morning my time. Needless to say, waking up on the morning on the 2nd was just the beginning of the most WACKED out tour schedule I was ever a part of. Bowman and I left at a relatively good time (around 9 or 10 or something) and stopped at McDonald's and were on our way to Portland. Of course, we had time for a little stop-over in Vancouver to visit his grandparents...who were very nice and have an indoor-outhouse in their basement.
   We made it to Portland...a lightly rainy...not quite beautiful...day. We finally parked and made our way towards the box office where we see Rich from like the street. So Bowman begins shouting "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILSON!" Only Rich couldn't hear him...so it was quite comical to see Ryan shout Rich's name like six hundred times:-) The fan club line was already accumulating...and the only familiar faces around were Rich, Chuck, and Alex. It was so nice seeing Chuck and Rich again...as they were clearly 2/3rd of the icon faces of the 2000 tour...in my opinion that is:-) Oh wait, I'm a liar...Dan was there at this point, too. Sorry.
   Before Bowman and I left in the morning, I had called Mike (my boss) and saw if we could possibly get in at the Dr. Martens USA headquarters in Portland for a tour...so he instructed me what do to. We also had to wait for Carolina at the box office since she would be traveling with us and she was flying into Portland. Anyhow, after everyone got their tickets/ticket upgrades, we were going to go find DM USA and go on a tour. We ended up scratching that idea and the two carloads of us decided to go to the mall instead.
   The mall we ended up going to was the mall that Tonya Harding teaches skating lessons at. Isn't that sweet? We did some lollygagging at Toys R Us and then some of us separated from the group. Rich asked me if I dared him to go on the ice...I said "sure"...so what does he do? He goes on the ice and starts skating...in his shoes. All these little kids come up to him and tell him to get off the ice...eventually, he feels like he's done his job and gets off. When he's getting off, some adult lady comes over and starts yelling at him saying that if he goes on the ice again, she was going to call mall security and blah blah blah. It was really funny at the time...I guess you had to be there:-) Eventually, we had enough of that biatchof amall, and escaped through a mall personal only hallway. That was interesting...a bunch of hoodlums running through the "off limits" area :-)
   We got back to the venue and I got hooked up with some great tickets (thanks to Liz!) and Dan and I made our way to a special area that night...LOL. So anyhow, I made my way to my seat eventually and it was really superb! I forget where my original Portland seat was supposed to be, but I just know that this seat (on Stonewall's side) kicked some major ass!!!
   I had really been looking forward to seeing the band again...I was off the road too much...and it kicked my ass knowing that all my friends were still out there doin' the right thing! (haha)
   Even though my seat was superb, my section was not. BUT...I pretty much think that reaction was the same for everyone hardcore that was at that show. I talked to a woman in the Boise airport who was from Portland and she was really disappointed in the show...I felt really bad about that. If Detroit shows sucked, I would be superdeduperdybummed...not only if they sucked...but if I was able to ADMIT that they sucked...
   I think the setlist indicated that there were good things ahead if the crowd put forth some energy...but they just weren't doin' it for them that night. Evacuation AND Thin Air...come on...good Binaural main set! Too bad the Portland kids messed it up;-)    At least we got an improv out of the show...or new song...whatever you want to call it...I am not going to argue over it. I think it sounds more like an improv, but what do I know? Ya know?
   Kickass closing of Fuckin' Up...
   Onto the airport after this show to be wimpies and fly into Boise...

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