October 19th, 2014
Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Setlist. . .
Pendulum/Release/Nothingman/Go/Life Wasted/Corduroy/Lightning Bolt/Mind Your Manners/Save You/Even Flow/Sirens/Love Boat Captain/Daughter/I Got Shit/The Fixer/ Unthought Known/Given To Fly/Rearviewmirror
Encore 1. . .
Elderly Woman/Thin Air/Footsteps/Imagine/Last Kiss/Why Go/Do The Evolution/Porch
Encore 2. . .
Black/Setting Forth/Better Man/Alive/Rockin' in the Free World/Indifference

We were grateful we had one day off between Moline and St. Paul. This "tour" was full of long distance driving. It felt like we were just constantly in the car. We had a crazy departure from Moline (someone tried to steal our wheels) and then later, it turns out, we got a speeding ticket (on camera) in Cedar Rapids. I decided a full night's sleep was what I needed...others decided to go chase a prince.

The weather the day of the show was spectacular. It was cool but the sign shined all day - at times I had to take my coat off because it was warm. It was great. Our hotel was kitty corner from the venue - ideal (until after the show when we discovered the clusterfuck the lobby was for people trying to use elevators to get to their rooms - the hotel refused to open the stairs to the guests.) It was so nice to have the day to just walk around the area, check in with friends in the GA line. We discovered Cossetta and as a result, I think we all left St. Paul weighing 5 pounds heavier. Pastries and italian food galore. Yum yum yum.

When the sun set, the warm temps went away. Scurried into the venue. We had direct side stage tickets for this show - Stone siiiiide.

Show opened with Pendulum and went into...Release! For real?!? So soon after Detroit? Whatever the case, I will take it! You have to admit... Release is epic Pearl Jam. It is.

Nothingman came next and then we got heated up with Go...and it just flowed hard after that. Life Wasted? Will gladly take that. Lightning Bolt so good...glad this is one of the few that has made heavy rotation a year after the release of the album. I would love to hear Let The Records Play more but what do I know?

Sirens came early in the set. I'm sure it was dedicated to someone as that is Ed's big new schtick. I believe it was prior to The Fixer, Ed had one of the doctors working on EB research come on stage.

Unthought Known, Given To Fly and Rearviewmirror closed ou the main set.

First encore opened with Elderly Woman and then (sorry for offending in advance), the gay anthem, Thin Air (yes, exchanged texts with Rich at this point in the show, LOL.)

Footsteps lead us into Imagine and if there's ANYTHING that sticks out about this show was how amazing the arena looked lit up for Imagine. The crowd blew all the other cities away with their participation with cellphone lights --- how lame, right? Would we have imagined in 1998 that we would be using cell phone camera flashes instead of lighters at shows? What has this world come to?

Last Kiss to the back (duh). Set finished out with Why Go, Do The Evolution and Porch.

Here's my small rant for this tour...Black. Why practically every show? Fer realz. Love it and all...but really doesn't need to be played in the encore every night.

Setting Forth randomness...typical encore songs took us out...but ending on Indifference...I'll take that any time and any place. And over Ledbetter at that. Yum and good for the soul.

Overall, St. Paul was a solid show. It was hard coming off a special night like Moline and hard coming off a stupendously fun show in Detroit. But alas, show was over regardless and it was time for us to move onto our final show of the tour...Mil-a-wauk-eh.

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