I don't even know how I am going to arrange work with me...
    Yes...this may take some time for the pictures to load, but BELIEVE is SO worth it!

    Pearl Jam was a few minutes "late" hitting the stage. At both Alpine Valley shows and the United Center show, they took the stage promptly at 8:45...they were off for the Breslin Center:-) Oh well, they showed up, so I can't complain;-)

    Hit the stage. Shock reaction like the four other Pearl Jam concerts I have been to...just that major freaking out when they hit the stage. I could not believe it when they began to play "Release"! As many of you know that know me (woah...LOL), I can not decide on one favorite album, let alone a favorite song...but I really wanted to hear "Release" at least at one of the shows I was going to. I was thrilled....I screamed my lungs out...boy I sure did. Beautiful version. Just wonderful.

    "Do the Evolution" came next. The song's just downright awesome to begin with, but it is always such a fun song to hear live. Especially Stone's little diddy:-)

    "Spin the Black Circle". I was hoping to hear it on this tour...hardcore. That song is just so much damn fun. I screamed probably more for "STBC" than "Release" because "STBC" took me by total surprise.

    "Brain of J" woooooooo hooooooo! Still can not get enough of this song...damn...I can't enough of any Pearl Jam song:-)

    "Given To Fly" maracas:-( hehe:-)

    Instead of doing a complete run-down of each song..I'll just make some comments..."MFC" was really fucking good..."Even Flow"...Mike was HOT...he was just so totally ON with "Even Flow"! "Elderly Woman"...what a treat!!! I made sure I shot a good picture of Jeff with that kickass stand-up..all of my past attempts have been failures:-( Can't complain anymore;-)

    They ended the set with "Rearviewmirror" awesome version I might add...soooo long...but that was an odd end-er (like my made up words??? LOL).

    I have to admit, overall, I was sad to look back and see that overall, they only played twenty songs...shorter than Toledo...which was so short in my opinion. I know I have no right to complain...but I would have loved some more songs during the encore:-)

    "Soldier of Love" was an obvious highlight of this show. Ed pulled up this one kid from the crowd who had the balls to wear a "Michigan" shirt to the MSU campus of all places. I'm surprised that dude's ass wasn't kicked pre-show! :-) I couldn't believe he pulled someone on stage...but then he goes and grabs someone else! I was thinking, " on stage night or something!". Too bad he got people from the front row...what about us third row people Ed? ;-) Anyhow, he had this girl hold up his notebook so he could read the lyrics. You could just tell the girl was so totally pysched. At least she waved to all the band members, showing true-fan-man-ship (LOL made up words again). "Soldier of Love" was such a cool song and a nice change from the usual encore numbers:-) Ed talked into her recorder...gave her a huge and the setlist and sent her on her way after the song was done. What a nice guy:-) After the show, I found the see if she met Ed before the show and requested the song or was random. What a lucky girl:-)

    Now here comes the segment called, "Jess' bitching"...pass this along to your friends: If you don't have a second row ticket, you don't belong in second row! I am so sick of people shoving their way up to the front. Hell, I wish I could be in first or second row for every Pearl Jam concert I go to, but it's just not possible. People need to be considerate of the ticket holders of the seats they squeeze in. I had a big problem with a group of five people that squeezed in behind the people in front of me in second row. It was bad enough they obstructed my view (I wouldn't be upset with view obstruction if they were the rightful 'owners' of their seats)...but they were fucking rude as hell. They kept standing on the chairs and they attempted slam dancing as well. Eventually I just got sick of it and punched the assholes and yelled at them. Thank god I'm a girl, or else my ass would've been kicked point is, when I was in 12th row at Alpine Valley, I was in heaven. I couldn't have been happier...and I never would've thought of ruining someone's night by sneaking up closer...stay at your seat---your day will come, ok? Please be considerate! Ok, enough of "Jess' bitching/public service announcement"...

    Overall that show was damn awesome...until next next time, here are the rest of my pictures for your viewing chronological order too... I think I should throw some pictures in right now...just like little kids like books w/pictures rather than nice big novels...

    All these pictures are small...but I would rather put them all up on my page than have it take a shitload of time for them all to load...if you must have one of these pics to print up in a larger size, give me an e-mail, I'm willing to share-o-la...just don't steal these without asking me or else I'll have to come kick your ass...and I will...

    Here's a sneak peek at the pictures...just so you will take the time to see the others:-)

Picture of Stone
Picture of Eddie
Picture of Jeff
Picture of Eddie
Picture of Stone
(same as above)
Picture of Jeff
Picture of Mike
Picture of Eddie
Picture of Mike and Stone
Picture of Eddie
Picture of Jeff w/rooster
Picture of Stone
Picture of Mike and Jeff
Picture of Jeff and Eddie
Picture of Mike...being Mike:-)
Picture of Jeff
Picture of Jeff w/standup
Picture of Stone
Picture of Stone w/a mouth problem:-)
Jeff, Ed, and Matt during "Soldier of Love"

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