June 27th, 2008
Dodge Music Center
Hartford, Connecticut

Main Set...
Can't Keep/Breakerfall/Last Exit/Gods' Dice/All Night/Elderly Woman/Sad/Brain of J/Big Wave/In Hiding/Not For You/Daughter/Why Go/Jeremy/Gone/Immortality/Porch
First Encore...
Garden/Better Man/Even Flow/Comatose/Leash/Blood
Second Encore...
Smile/Do The Evolution/Alive/Fuckin' Up/Yellow Ledbetter

As previously mentioned, Washington, D.C. was supposed to be my last stop on the 2008 tour. However, after I got home, I was minding my own business at work and was stampeded with messages of people telling me I needed to fly out for Hartford and Mansfield. I had literally just gotten back from taking 6 business days off from work...but it was just too damn tempting. Then I checked to see if I could actually redeem my miles. I never thought I would be able to...for this was looking into flights well under a week away. It would require me to take one more day off from work...so I crawled with my tail between my legs to my boss and said, "So, uh, if I take Friday off from work do you think that will be a problem?" I couldn't bring myself to say, "Cause I want to see two more Pearl Jam shows." But my boss knew me all too well...he immediately knew Pearl Jam was involved. He just laughed and shook his head at me. I could only shrug.

Rich picked me up from the airport and it was like I hadn't even left tour. So I had missed MSG in between...who cares?

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