June 22nd, 2008
Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.

Main Set...
Hard to Imagine/Severed Hand/Hail, Hail/Do The Evolution/Elderly Woman/Evacuation/Corduroy/I'm Open/I Am Mine/I Got Shit/Daughter/Light Years/Even Flow/Green Disease/You Are/U/Who You Are/Why Go
First Encore...
Comatose/Sad/Given to Fly/Come Back/Grievance/Black/Rearviewmirror
Second Encore...
No More/Last Kiss/Crazy Mary/Alive/All Along the Watchtower/Yellow Ledbetter

This was supposed to be "it" for me. This was going to be my last stop on the 2008 tour...didn't quite turn out that way. Which is always a good thing...

Met up with the usual suspects before the show and ate some Thai food and ice cream. Rich and I had a big scare with our tickets...apparently his Ten Club tickets were given away to someone else. Oopsie. It ended up working out well for us...but it was scary for a moment there.

I think everyone suspected that this would be a politically charged show, given the location and all. I was just amped because it was my first time seeing the band in D.C. since 1998. Regardless of all that, if you spot check the setlist above...wasn't so political. Which I think everyone was relived by...but also maybe confused by.

After the show, Rich drove me to a hotel near the airport where I slept for like three hours before I had to hop on my 6am flight (eeek!)...but it was all so worth it.

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