official thanks 2000

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   As much as I would like to take credit for the 2000 tour being such a success for myself...that would be a blatent lie. Just as I did in 1998, I would like to first and foremost thank...

Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam's Crew
My Family

    Onto the listola of thanks...if I missed you, sorry...this tour was long and so much invades my brain, I can not possibly remember everything...because there are so many of you, I am just jotting down names in order of appearences with no explanations...if you don't think I have a reason to thank you, then fuck off about "thank you for hanging out with me"...does that suffice...?

Mike "my boss" Naturkas, Bowman, Chevy Malibu, Matt², Sarah Canada, Carolina Canada, Erin, The McNicholl Family, The Columbus hotel who gave Ryan and I cookies, Jeremy Korchak, John Shafer, Glenn and Renae, Adam Frucci, Christoph, Chuck, Rich, Dolin, Vedder and Mark, Camper, Motrin IB, Bruno, The Globensky Family, The Miller Family, The Fernandez Family, Benton, my computer, Liz, Cready, Gregg, All State Arena Security, Ralph Nader (tee hee), pop music, Euro cds (they made our lives so much know cause we all have money), Grenough, Protzel, Dawson and Adam (Bowman's roommates), SeaTac airport, Idaho Center Security, pizza, The Bowman Family, Alex Miller, Gavin and Tim, Amber, Nickie, Brittany, and to everyone I else I stumbled upon this tour that kick friendships are sometimes the greatest friendships of all...