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Thank You!!!

(Written 11.07.98)

    Wow...the summer tour seems like it was years ago! It sure feels that way. Thanks to Pearl Jam, I probably had the best summer ever. My entire summer revolved around the band and the tour...and while many non-fans may think that is a bad thing, I would not have wanted it any other way. If I was not on the road going to a show, I would wake up, turn on the computer, check the Pass It Around mail, and then check Synergy for updates on the show from the night before. That was so exciting for me:-)
    This tour was great for me as an individual. I am proud of the fact that I paid about 95% of everything for the tour. Plane tickets. Concert tickets. T-shirts. Hotel rooms. You name it, I paid for it. My parents did put some dough in at the end...and I am grateful for that...since my original plan and budget did not include those two shows in I was really cutting my money short come that time.
    This memory brought forth some other cool non-Pearl Jam things. I got to fly for the first time when I went down to Atlanta to meet up with Quinn. When I flew to DC, that was only my second trip flying. What an adventure:-) I also had really never been away from home alone. I had gone to like 8th grade camp...and other places...but with friends. I went to five concerts on my was a nice eye-opening experience for me. And not to sound stuck up or anything, but I think it proved how responsible I really am:-)
    Meeting many online people that I have known for years was great as well. Reassured me that I am not the only over-obsessed fan out there...I think a lot of people at school began to take my love for the band a little bit more seriously as well. Of course they knew I loved the band, but I do not think they knew how dedicated I really was.
    I really wish I had the chance to make all those shows...but that is a really large dream. Hopefully, next time they hit the states, I will have a nice "Pearl Jam Bank Account" established and I may be able to make them who's coming??? :-)


Thank You

There are three groups of people that deserve the biggest thanks:
- Thanks to Pearl Jam for touring this summer and doing so many dates! Hehe:-)
- Thanks to the Ten Club/Vitalogy Health Club for rocking so damn much and hooking the hardcore fans up with awesome tickets!
- Thanks to my parents for letting me go to all these shows!

General Thanks:
Jim Hammond(my boss...without him...I could not have afforded all this shit nor would I have been able to have gotten all the time off!), Aaron Baker(For the fan club seat at Alpine Valley), Ezra Golberstein(for getting those posters for me and talking to me at Alpine!), The Fargo Boys(for conversation and protection on the lawn and keeping my mom company/entertained the first night at Alpine.), MSOE(for holding their open house on a day convenient for the Pearl Jam itinerary), Tom(for giving us something to talk about), the people behind me at Chicago(for putting their hands in the air and in turn hitting the maraca so it would land at my feet), Jeff Ament(for throwing that pick!), the merchandise lady at East Lansing(who went and brought posters outside against her boss' wishes), Burger King(for being open after the East Lansing show), WRIF(for the free Pearl Jam decal sticker things), the lady at the offices at the Palace(for giving Amanda a tampon, hehe), Amanda(for sitting through a Pearl Jam concert to see what they are all about!), Delta Airlines(for flying me down to Atlanta and flying me back up to Detroit), Quinn(for dragging my ass around and for the tickets), Brice(for driving my yankee ass around), lady at Target that develops our pictures at the one hour booth(for developing my Pearl Jam pictures and not being a bitch about it and taking our coupons even though she did not have to), Mrs. Brown(for letting me stay with her and inconviniencing [gawsh I need to learn how to spell!]her), The Corbett Family(for letting me stay with them), Matt's dog(for being cute), the woman at Knoxville merchandise stand(for giving me a bag for my poster), Peter(for giving me the couch at Mike's house...haha if it was was dark in the living if it was not Peter..thanks whoever!), Two Guys From Italy and Julia(for making me pizza when I was very hungry!), Matt(for the ticket), Ali(for selling Matt that ticket for Constitution Hall at face value...there is a place reserved for you in Pearl Jam heaven!), Marc Williamson(You are awesome for selling Quinn your extra tickets! Thanks for the awesome seats to one of the most greatest Pearl Jamm shows ever... you will be up there with Ali in PJ heaven!), Luke(for finding me at Merriweather), GMC(for the official PICK UP truck), Jet's Pizza(for making the BEST pizza), My sister(for no reason, she just thinks she is special. So um...thanks for bitching about Pearl Jam Jen!), Smitty(for being SO damn cool and talking to me even though he had other things to do. Smitty is the bomb!), and finally: Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Chisnell, Mr. Cicchini, Ms. Reeves, Mrs. Vick, and Herr(that's "Mr." for those non-German speaking people)Weathers... (for not sending me to the school physciatrist and being awesome about me missing school for Pearl Jam).

If I forgot you...
I suck...
I will add to this as more pop into my head...