February 10th, 1998: NATIONAL OLP DAY BAYBEE:-)


    I woke up very happy on February 10th, 1998.  Maybe it was because I was skipping school and I got to sleep in;-)  The anticipation was hitting me....woo hoo! I was going to meet OLP that day!  I did some homework, and I have to admit, I was still pumped about Yield, so I listened to Yield once or twice. I went to go pick my little brother, Ryan, up from school...and then we were ready to go. Yay! We(my mom, sister, brother, and I) were so pumped and excited we just waited for the clock to change...so we decided, "What the hell...let's go!"

    We left waaaaay too early. We were anticipating traffic at the tunnel(one of the two options Detroiters have to get to Canada...the tunnel or the bridge)...so it was ok to leave early. BUT, we ended up at Windsor Arena at 1:15ish. We needed to meet the Sony rep at 4:00! What to do...what to do. The band was obviously already there...the buses and trucks...kept seeing the band and roadies popping in and out of places...hehe. So we decided to go walk around Windsor. Went to this kickass record store and a few weird stores. Then Burger King...yay, fun, eh? We still had an hour or so to go until the Sony guy would be meeting us.

    In that time, we caught Jeremy and Duncan on 89X(yay!). They were obviously getting interviewed. Hehe I was mad because we missed half of it and I wish I could've recorded it. Oh well:-) So at about 3:30 we decide to go wait outside(we were sitting in the car). There were a bunch of teeny-boppers...mainly girls, dressed super slutty...waiting outside. We walked past them and they were like, "Are you guys in line, because it's over there." Hehe "No, we're going to the meet and greet" Haha:-)

    So finally, a very small crowd is gathering for the meet and greet. Some guy comes out and passes out our pass-type thingies. Then he goes back in and comes back to get us fifteen minutes later. We were all super excited. They lead us in, of course checking to see if we have our passes. Then they allow us to go into the actual arena. The guys were already on stage...and those of us that were there for the meet and greet(maybe 30 people...not sure) went up to the stage. It was sooooo cool! It was like their own little concert for us:-) It was just awesome. Blown away:-)

    After the short soundcheck, the guys came off stage and just sorta mingled. They were armed with their black Sharpie markers...which I thought was cool...finally...a band that is prepared!!! Mike came down first...so he was sorta crowded, so I sorta stepped back and waited for whoever would come down next. That happened to be Jeremy. Hehe and I was super thrilled because he was wearing an orange Adidas shirt...and orange is my favorite color and the shirt kicked ass. Anyhow...my bro actually got to him first and had him sign his drumsticks for him. So I waited and what-not, and when I got to talk to him, I said, "You know, you are this kid's hero" And he was like, "Oh really?" I said, "Yeah...he spends soooooo many hours trying to nail Naveed" Which is so true...LOL and so annoying:-) So Jeremy signed my band bio thing I have and his interview in Modern Drummer.

    Next stop: Mike. I went over to Mike...talked to him a bit about how I spoke to them regarding their website on their online interview thing they did. So he signed my band bio and then my mom snapped a picture of Mike, Jenny(my sister), Ryan, and I. Here is that puppy...hehe with Jenny and Ryan cut out...please forgive the red eyes...hehe my eyes are green:


    So next I went back to Jeremy since no one was around him and I hadn't had my picture taken with him. So here is a picture of Jeremy and I:


    Next I went over to Raine...who I think was under the weather:-( Or else tired:-( Anyhow, I did not really talk to him...just got my bio autographed and my picture taken with him...here that is:


    My final stop was Duncan. So I waited for my minute with Duncan while he talked to an old friend. Got him to sign my bio...and got my picture taken with him...ta-da! Here's that puppy:

I AND DUNCAN(hehe)...he plays bass

    After I got my picture taken with Duncan, I went back to talk to Mike. I gave him a "Pass It Around" business card...and told him if he's ever bored to go there. He was so nice:-) He said he wouldn't be able to check it out for a bit because his lap-top "committed suicide":-( Turns out his carrying case just sorta unzipped itself and his lap-top fell out and his screen broke. Ouchers:-(

    My brother got his drum head signed my all but Mike(long story). Jeremy was such a sweetie... he we back onstage, and grabbed two drumsticks. He gave one to my brother and another guy that was a drummer. He was like, "It's slightly used". It's so awesome:-) It's his signature series and it's just sooooo cool.

    They were all soooooooo super nice...and so down to earth. It was such a privledge to meet them. Great bunch of guys:-) It's rare a band will take the time out and do things like they do... pat on the back for that one:-)

    After the meet and greet, we walked to McDonald's. For those of you who don't know, McDonald's in Canada kicks major butt. They have pizza...and flurries! Can you believe that?!? I was surprised by the flurries because I've been to Canada so many times, I already knew about the pizza. Hehe so we ate flurries and fries for dinner...real healthy.

    So we had more time to waste before the concert started. Just went back to the car and stuff... then went outside and froze a bit:-)

The concert...

    This was my third time seeing them, but by far THE BEST! Hehe wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to talk about the opening band and the merchandise...

    I bought a REALLY cool t-shirt with the tour dates on it. As well as a sticker and a hooded sweatshirt. The prices were medium...not too expensive, yet not cheap. I mean they were definitely not like the 35 dollar Smashing Pumpkin t-shirts(talk about a rip-off)

    "B.T.K." opened. I think they have like "airplay" on Much Music...so I had never heard of them let alone heard them. During their set, I spotted Jeremy on the side of the stage. Pointed him out to my little brother. He kept sneaking behind his drumkit...and I wondered what was going on. After B.K.T. finished like their second song, they said something along the lines of, "Heeeeey, that crazy guy Jeremy is throwing stuff at us. We'll get you later Jeremy!" LOL sure enough...I paid closer attention...he was throwing soooooo much crap at them. I was cracking up! Then...he and a roadie(or guitar tech?) duct taped himself...to make it look lik B.T.K. had him hostage or something. LOL so he has duct tape around his upper arms and chest and across his mouth. He goes behind his drumkit...B.T.K. notices he's behind there...and grabs him...only he's all duct-taped up:-) It was so funny...then the band members threw crap at him...it was hilarious.

    Before OLP came onstage, they played an episode of the "Twilight(sp?) Zone"...The Dummy. It was cool because the one thing I hate at concerts is waiting for a band to come onstage. Very cool.

    Ok...Our Lady Peace...nothing like seeing them in Canada I suppose;-) Seriously...I really think that had a LOT to do with it being so great. I was super super super thrilled because they played "Trapeze" which I had never heard and was wishing they would play. They also played "Neon Crossing" which I wanted them to play too.

    "Naveed" was super neat...in the middle when it breaks down...they showed a part of their little filmy-do...the poem in which they took their name from was read. It was just very cool...hehe everything was cool!

    They were so on...so rocking:-) They also played a...well I guess you could say..."new" version of "Julia"...quite interesting...quite the variation.

    Well right now I am just rambling...so I will end this:-) All good things must come to an end unfortunately.

    But I must say...after the concert...89X was handing out bumper stickers...the picture that's at the top. Doesn't that thing kick ass? That baby's going on my car...over my old 89X sticker.

    Wowzas...ok...bye! :-)

*BTW: I have more pictures...I just wanted to get these up...I've got a really GREAT one of Mike and a REALLY great one of Duncan...so maybe I'll put those up too...*